5G mmWave: The key to completing the 5G puzzle

October 18, 2021

5G mmWave: The key to completing the 5G puzzle
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Date: Nov 3, 2021

Date: 3rd November
Time: 10am GMT

5G mmWave brings super-fast download speeds and more bandwidth, as well as future-proofing networks to handle much higher data throughput – thanks to the abundance of available spectrum in bands above 24Ghz. mmWave frequencies are already enabling exciting use cases in both consumer and business settings, delivering significant, tangible benefits in efficiency, innovation and bottom lines for operators.

With such powerful commercial benefits and incentives in play we are reaching a tipping in mmWave commercial adoption of 5G mmWave technology around the world. The ecosystem of over 120+ mmWave-enabled devices is growing by the day, virtually all powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon platform.

In this webinar, Philippe Poggianti, Vice President Business Development 5G at Qualcomm, and George Tsirtsis, Senior Director of Technology at Qualcomm, will focus on the deployment scenarios where mmWave brings the most significant impact in terms of return of investment for an operator, and discuss the latest market status of mmWave in Europe and around the world.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • Tangible benefits and use cases mmWave frequencies are already enabling

  • Which mmWave deployment scenarios can deliver the most significant ROI for operators

  • What’s next for mmWave in Europe – and how we get there

Scott Bicheno, Editor – Telecoms.com
Philippe Poggianti – Vice President Business Development 5G – Qualcomm Technologies
George Tsirtsis – Senior Director of Technology – Qualcomm Technologies

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