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October 9, 2017

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It is no doubt that mobile communication is accelerating its evolution to 5G, all Telecom Powers, mainstream communication operators and manufacturers are making early layouts and researches. How to find the best way to initiate 5G commercialization in its way to 5G?

Now let’s learn some knowledge.

What is 5G?
ITU defines three kinds of application scenarios for 5G: eMBB, mMTC and uRLLC.
ITU believes main business application domains and scenarios of 5G communication network are: eMBB(Enhanced Mobile Broadband),it is featured with super-high bandwidth requirement, such as HD video, virtual reality/enhanced reality etc service; uRLLC(Ultra-reliable and Low-LatencyCommunications),it is featured with high reliability, low delay, such as auto drive, remote medical care etc; mMTC(MassiveMachineTypeCommunications),it is featured with low power consumption, high connection density, such as smart city, smart agriculture etc services.

Meantime, 5G era faces the following challenges:
– Multiple business modes: consumer market, industry and enterprise market;
– Flexible services: it is difficult for traditional monolithic architecture applications to provide flexible services.
– Complicated network management: need to process different network access technology.
– Network security and privacy protection: wide application scenarios bring more security and privacy problems.
– Open ecology: open platform ability is convenient for fast and safe new services launch.



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