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Vodafone pumps up 4G and 5G at Edinburgh Airport

UK operator Vodafone has given its 4G and 5G coverage of Edinburgh Airport a shot in the arm.

Andrew Wooden

November 17, 2023

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‘Stronger and faster’ 5G and 4G is promised following the installation of dedicated mobile phone coverage at the airport.

The improvements were led by in-building solution supplier Exchange Communications, and we’re told ‘fast mobile data speeds and better call quality’ will be available in departure, arrival and across the airport terminal.

Businesses in and around the airport will also benefit from all this extra 5G flying around, says Vodafone, and it will ensure the airport infrastructure has the technology needed to support a range of new services such as contactless check-in to digital passport controls.

“Airports play a vital role in the success of the economy as well as being major employers,” said Andrea Dona, UK Network Director at Vodafone. “So, we’re delighted to be able to support Edinburgh in providing the connectivity they need to support their growth. Meanwhile, the arrival of both Vodafone 4G and 5G will offer our customers fast mobile data speeds as they work at the airport or travel through.”

Tom Sime, CEO of Exchange Communications, added: “Airports are a pivotal part of the UK economy and having deployed 4G & 5G at Edinburgh Airport it now benefits from the reliable wireless connectivity of 5G. This project will benefit from enhanced connectivity, resulting in faster connections and quicker streaming for passengers but it will also help enhance the technology working behind the scenes to ensure the smooth and efficient running of the airport.  Airports have an ecosystem of companies and business who interact with them, jointly delivering services which will benefit from the connectivity of 5G for fast reliable production, intralogistics with full flexibility for future Smart Building technologies and IOT.”

The announcement tangentially mentions the Shared Rural Network in the release. Hooking up remote places for their smattering of inhabitants is a different problem to airports, in which large amounts of people are inconvenienced by poor connectivity for a small periods of time – but any upgrades that make downloading a film even slightly plausible while waiting for a plane to take off can’t be bad.

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