Telecom Ops in 2023: Disrupting the Status Quo to Build Resilient Networks That Drive Service Excellence

November 15, 2022

Telecom Ops in 2023: Disrupting the Status Quo to Build Resilient Networks That Drive Service Excellence
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Date: Dec 13, 2022

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Time: 2pm GMT




Telecom industries are no strangers to innovation or change. New technologies such as 5G, IoT, and AI have the potential for operators to deliver exceptional customer service, with the highest levels of connectivity. However, this promise is impeded by new challenges in virtualization/containerization, new radio, 5G core, and control plane elements. As network complexity and cost of operations reach new heights, automation can provide the much-needed relief and tangible benefits for the network—from network engineering planning to network and service operations.

Join telecom thought leaders, Oliver Cantor from Verizon and Sudeep Pondala from Ericsson, in this live webinar discussion on key trends and opportunities for automation in this new world where customers expect tailored, seamless connectivity and on-demand digital services anywhere. The panel will discuss why and how to disrupt the status quo, break through existing operational and structural silos, and build the foundation for automation, including:

  • Top trends that will define the next few years and what top Telecom giants are prioritizing as they look to 2023 and beyond

  • The transformative role of automation in managing network complexity, especially in a multi-domain 5G world

  • Realizing the potential of zero-touch automation: going from keeping the lights on to proactive automation for self-healing networks

Save your seat for this discussion on telecom ops in 2023.


Armita Satari – Head of Custom Content –
Oliver Cantor – Associate Director ‑ Product Development – Verizon Business Group
Sudeep Pondola – Global Consultant – Ericsson Global Services
Joe Doyle – Director ‑ Sales Engineering – Resolve Systems
Elaine McCarthy – Director of Partner and Field Marketing – Resolve

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