Omdia Releases the FTTR's Role in Optimizing the Future Connected Home White Paper

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November 21, 2022

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Omdia Releases the FTTR's Role in Optimizing the Future Connected Home White Paper

Recently, the 8th Ultra-Broadband Forum (UBBF) was held in Thailand. At this forum, Omdia released the FTTR’s Role in Optimizing the Future Connected Home white paper, which describes the next generation in fiber to the room (FTTR) solutions. FTTR provides the ultimate high-quality broadband experience, meeting the increasing demands on the home network from new innovative applications, and offers multiple business opportunities for operators.

In this white paper, Omdia analyzes the home network development requirements, the need for user experience assurance, and the FTTR business models and installation strategies. Additionally, the paper then provides Omdia’s forecast for the development of FTTR by global operators, and concludes that global FTTR deployment will witness robust growth over the next decade. Specifically, the FTTR share of global FTTH subscriptions will reach 17% by 2030.

Omdia believes that FTTR will ensure a high-quality home network experience. In operators’ pilots, with the C-WAN architecture featuring optical and Wi-Fi collaboration, FTTR has proved to provide a stable and premium service experience across the whole home. This includes more consistent signal coverage, better device handover times, less application freezing, and more consistent broadband speed.

As for operators, Omdia believes that pricing and installation strategy will be key to success. FTTR can enhance existing business models and create viable new business models, including one-off fee, monthly recurring fee, and premium bundling. In addition, based on passive optical splitting, the point-to-multipoint (P2MP) architecture of FTTR facilitates flexible network deployment for operators. The biggest challenge with FTTR is how to deploy it efficiently and cost-effectively. Operators should also explore ways to improve the network deployment efficiency, such as combining it with existing field work for FTTH rollouts and working with property developers.

Omdia believes that as requirements on home networks continuously increase, and the world moves towards gigabit societies, operators will need to increase FTTR investment to provide customers with premium home network experiences, thereby promoting the development of digital homes.

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