Architecture for High-Performance Cloud-Native CDN

September 2, 2020

Architecture for High-Performance Cloud-Native CDN

Date: Sep 15, 2020

Date: 15th September
Time: 3pm UK Time

The demand for cloud-based content delivery networks (CDN) is growing fast in the 5G era, driven by the ever-increasing volume of media services and high-quality video content on the network. To minimize the distance this content travels over the Internet, communication service providers (CSPs) are widely deploying their CDNs at the edge – including central offices, regional data centers and other data centers.

To reduce the challenges of deploying and managing a complex network infrastructure, CSPs need a scalable, high-performance and cost-efficient CDN platform. This webinar examines the architecture for an optimized platform using cloud-native infrastructure for content delivery systems on the edge, the use of hardware and network acceleration technologies and best practices for automation and life cycle management.

Marco Huang, Senior Technical Manager, QCT
Tushar Gohad, Principal Engineer, Intel
Fernando Cerioni, VP of Product Management,
Jennifer Clark, Principal Analyst – Cloud Infrastructure and Edge Computing, Heavy Reading

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