5G is all about value creation through data – adapting to a new economic reality

March 17, 2021

5G is all about value creation through data – adapting to a new economic reality
The fog and edge cloud computing concept

Date: Apr 15, 2021

Date: 15th Aprilaerospike_logo_horizontal_newsite.png
Time: 11am UK Time

Digital transformation is accelerating around the globe driven by new economics as well as 5G services capabilities. These 5G network-based services offerings are data intensive, speed dependent, and highly distributed by architectures that break the norm of what is possible with AI/ML, the massive scale of IOT connections, and service layers pushed to the edge. Central processing is simply not an option; rather, processing data locally and at the edge and ideally enriching it whilst making real-time decisions bolstered by machine learning algorithms is what’s needed. Simply put, a modern data platform for the edge that can not only support current demands, but scale seamlessly as data inexorably scales.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss:
•  Global trends and how service providers are answering this call to action
•  What some of the limitations being experienced, and what “the art of the possible” might look like
•  Best practices and use case examples, along with measurable attributes of underpinning systems

John Shelnutt, Executive Advisor – Aerospike
Martin Laesch, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) – Neural Technologies
Wei Shi, Intelligence Manager – Telecoms.com

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