Amp'd throws customers a lifeline

James Middleton

August 1, 2007

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Amp'd throws customers a lifeline

Troubled US MVNO Amp’d Mobile has thrown its customers a lifeline as it prepares to shut shop on Wednesday.

Some 100,000 customers still with the firm have until midnight Wednesday to find themselves a new mobile provider, or face having their lines disconnected.

For those that elect to stay with Amp’d, a small regional cellco, Prexar Mobile, owned by USA Telecom, is picking up the pieces.

Prexar is understood to have snapped up Amp’d’s assets for an undisclosed sum and has a website at to help facilitate the transition of Amp’d users.

Ampers will be able to hang onto their existing plan and phone but will not have to sign onto a contract, meaning they can pay on a month by month basis. It is expected to take up to two days to move a customer over.

If Prexar is not attractive to the Amp’d community, they have the freedom to go to any other carrier. Many have already moved onto Verizon Wireless, which was Amp’d’s network partner. Given the target audience for Amp’d, it’s also likely that many ex-subs have gone to AT&T to get the iPhone.

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