Full-fiber Broadband Service with Huawei SingleFAN Pro Solution, successfully implemented in El Salvador

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March 22, 2022

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Full-fiber Broadband Service with Huawei SingleFAN Pro Solution, successfully implemented in El Salvador

[San Salvador, El Salvador] The Huawei’s SingleFAN Pro(AirPON)solution provided full-fiber broadband services for the touristic beach El Tunco. This solution utilized existing Tigo El Salvador Telecomunication wireless sites and completed the construction of fiber access network from several months to 7 days. With the end-to-end digitalization capability, excellent network services were provided for tourists and local residents, promoting the development of tourism economy.


Touristic beach El Tunco

Following the “fast network construction” principle, Huawei launched the innovative SingleFAN Pro (AirPON) solution, consisting of Huawei OptiXaccess series Blade OLTs, Digital QuickODN (DQ ODN), OptiXstar series ONTs and iMaster NCE. The solution has the following advantages:

AirPON solution realized FTTH coverage for the area from several months to 7 days. Wireless pole and tower sites on the live network are reused to deploy Huawei OptiXaccess series blade OLTs. Two technicians could deploy one site in 1 day, making site acquisition simpler and construction faster. In addition, the ODN network was deployed from wireless sites, shortening the fiber deployment distance from 7–10 km to 1 km without right of way (ROW) issues for feeder fibers. With the DQ ODN deployment, the fiber access terminals (FATs) and fibers were installed in 4 days, and service provisioning was finished within 2 days.

Huawei OptiXstar series ONTs support plug-and-play and can be used to quickly provision home broadband services. Dual-band Wi-Fi ONTs can also provide premium broadband experience.

In addition to the advantage of fast network construction, Huawei continues to make business innovations in the AirPON solution. By combining digitalization and software tools, the solution is capable of precise planning, precise resource management, and precise fault locating.

As Tigo, now many operators choose FMC as their business strategy, and full-fiber access network construction will continue to accelerate. Huawei will continue to provide innovative SingleFAN Pro solution to help operators build full-fiber access networks with premium experience.

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