Globe Reinvents Connectivity Solutions for Enterprise through Network Modernization and Transformation

Telco giant teams up with Huawei in streamlining enterprise and transport connectivities for enhanced customer experience


February 25, 2020

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Telco giant teams up with Huawei in streamlining enterprise and transport connectivities for enhanced customer experience

[Philippines, Manila, February 24, 2020] Recently, Globe (Philippines) and Huawei jointly released a new enterprise private line solution. The company leverages advanced technologies such as optical transport, IP, SDN, and NFV to reshape the traditional enterprise private line solution through a series of network modernization and transformation projects. The new solution features the industry’s first high-quality private line network with an IP+optical dual-layer architecture for large-scale commercial use. The network is also the first to implement full automation cross domains and vendors based on NCE, which is highly praised for its openness and interconnection capabilities.

Over the years, Enterprise customers have maintained a gradual transition towards the Ethernet platform while keeping the physical isolation connection on the WAN side for higher service availability.

“For Globe, this meant building a hybrid ecosystem that can deliver connectivity solutions with a broad range of capacity from 1G to 100G, so Enterprise customers can provide the breakthrough customer experience and digitally transform their businesses,” said Globe Telecom Transport Network Division Head Constantine A. Serafica.

To support capacity and 5G requirements of enterprises, Globe’s first modernization initiative focused on Optical transport, building a high capacity network flexible enough to provide converged services. “These high capacity optical transports are not only deployed on the Core and Distribution, but also extended to the Access layers. DWDM network elements are being deployed towards the Access loops to form a hub and spoke topology, increasing capacity for each node from a 10G sharing capacity on the access ring to dedicated multiple 10G to 100G capacity”, explained Serafica.

Globe also worked on IP network consolidation and simplification by rationalizing the architecture and protocols used. This initiative not only flattens the network for easier administration, but also created synergies between the consumer and enterprise networks, paving the way for Segment Routing and network programming which complements 5G and next generation enterprise services.

Lastly, the telco giant completed its SDN deployment, enabling end-to-end service provisioning, Bandwidth-on-Demand, Bandwidth Calendaring and end-to-end topology visibility.

Globe continuously deploy the latest technologies to build its infrastructures and systems. By remain digitally agile and advanced, Globe is able to extend these advantage and technology leadership to its enterprise customers with the reinvented connectivity solution, enabling enterprises to catapult their business towards success.


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