Informa Tech successfully held The F5G Evolution Summit 2022

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May 4, 2022

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Informa Tech successfully held The F5G Evolution Summit 2022

Lighting up the future of F5G evolution

[China, Shenzhen, April 27, 2022] Informa Tech successfully held the“F5G Evolution Summit – Promoting Industrial Prosperity,” during the Huawei Global Analyst Summit 2022. Well-known industry organizations, standards organizations, and famous operators from around the world participated. At the summit, all parties jointly called for the evolution of F5G and its standard definitions, a boost to economic development with this evolution, and promoted the prosperity and development of the industry.

F5G Evolution, Promoting Industrial Prosperity Summit

In 2020, ETSI released the F5G standard, which solved the problems of fragmentation and unclear generation in the fixed network industry. After that, the development of the optical industry entered the fast lane. In the past two years, F5G has entered various production fields such as education, medical care, energy, transportation, and more, helping the digital transformation of thousands of industries. At the same time, with the emergence and application of new business forms such as XR and VR, digitalization in industrial manufacturing and other fields is accelerating. The demands for green and sustainable development in the entire industry are also growing. Thus, F5G must evolve, F5G business scenarios must continue enriching, and F5G industry ecology must be built completely.

At the summit, Luca Pesando, chair of ETSI ISG F5G, shared that the ISG F5G develops smoothly with its publication of F5G Release 1 in the first mandate. He stressed that now is the right time to discuss the evolution of F5G to the next level: “F5G Advanced” in its second mandate. Martin Creaner, the Director General at WBBA (World Broadband Association), said the need to create “an independent broadband roadmap to support the needs of the future services and applications of 2030 and beyond” and build “industry consensus, setting action plans, conducting business research, and defining the future generations of broadband.”

David Wang, Huawei executive director of the board and chair of the ICT Infrastructure Managing Board, said:“F5.5G will create greater value than F5G in four ways: first, F5.5G will use next-generation technologies such as Wi-Fi 7, 50G PON, and 800G to improve home access bandwidth everywhere from 1 Gbps to 10 Gbps. Second, network capabilities will move beyond telecoms level to industrial level. F5.5G will reduce network latency to microseconds, meeting the needs of industrial robot control. F5.5G will also improve network reliability from 99.99% to 99.9999%, facilitating high-frequency power grid dispatching. Third, F5.5G will move beyond optical communication to optical sensing, which will be able to detect vibration, stress, temperature, and more through fiber scattering, and improve positioning precision to within approximately one meter. Finally, F5.5G will boost network energy efficiency by 10-fold thanks to the low energy consumption of optical technologies.”

At the same time, operators also their views on F5G evolution and their business strategies according to F5G evolution, expressing that they would embrace F5G evolution, involve as enablers and practitioners of F5G evolution, and promote the synergy of optical transmission and optical access industries. Manny Estrada, the SVP. head of Regulatory Development and Strategy, Globe Telecom, said: “Globe network will evolve to the GLOBE architecture which is also our vision of F5G evolution —— green, low latency, all optical,high bandwidth and elastic, with this, Globe will be well poised to provide the fundamental ICT communications infrastructure to become a key enabler of the future digital Philippine nation.” Steven Hill, manager of IP Access, Optical and Fiber, MTN Group, mentioned that with the promotion and implementation of the CASSI architecture, MTN Group will continue to deliver number one connectivity and a leading network experience across all our markets, enabling success of the core business & growth platforms, leading digital solutions for Africa’s progress.

Ao Li, chief engineer of CAICT, said: “Currently, F5G not only needs to be deployed on a large scale based on application driving and technology matching, but also to be continuously evolved to contribute to the long-term development of the digital economy.”

At the end of the summit, all the speakers jointly advocated the launch of the F5G evolution industry vision, calling on the upstream and downstream links of the global fixed network industry to join the F5G evolution industry organization to jointly promote the prosperity and development of the industry and embrace the F5G evolution era.

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