Accelerating 5G With the Network Digital Twin

November 3, 2020

Accelerating 5G With the Network Digital Twin

Date: Nov 19, 2020

Date: 19th Novemberspirent-webinar.png
Time: 4pm UK Time

Around the world, 5G rollouts are gaining pace, but early deployments are giving us just a glimpse of its transformative potential. The challenge for the communications industry now is to accelerate 5G, to make sure initial non-standalone launches are a success and then leverage the capabilities of standalone 5G to deliver a new generation of services, from mobile streaming 8K video to untethered, augmented reality and beyond. The future of 5G seems limitless and many new industries are eager to explore its benefits, but with 5G still in its infancy, they are asking, “How can we test the real-world scenarios of a network that currently only sees a small fraction of its future usage?”

Join Omdia Principal Analyst James Crawshaw, Appledore Principal Analyst Francis Haysom and Spirent’s Head of 5G Strategy Stephen Douglas, as they explore the challenges service providers, enterprises and researchers face as they transition from early 5G deployments to initial launches of standalone 5G. Learn how network digital twins create a replica of 5G networks, devices and user activity to validate 5G network functions in conditions that closely mimic real-world environments. Our expert panel will also explain how digital twins help accelerate 5G technology development and validate business cases in new vertical segments for both the telecom industry as well as other industries.

This webinar will cover:

  • The business opportunity for carriers and industries, and the challenges in accelerating 5G from early deployments to truly differentiated offerings enabled by 5G standalone and the new core

  • An overview of digital twins, their origins and how this proven approach can help overcome key 5G challenges

  • Case studies detailing how digital twins are being used by service providers, network vendors and researchers

James Crawshaw, Principal Analyst, Service Provider Operations and IT – Omdia
Francis Haysom, Partner & Principal Analyst – Appledore,
Stephen Douglas, Head of 5G Strategy – Spirent Communications

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