Mobile edge video delivery demonstrated by Nokia and StarHub

Nokia and StarHub bring content nearer the user

Nokia Networks has enabled live video streaming based on an LTE base station-enabled local content caching system. In partnership with Singaporean operator StarHub, Nokia helped to deliver a live streaming, multi-camera broadcast of the WTA tennis championships live from Singapore.

INTERVIEW: LTE in the City State

Mock Pak Lum talks to Mock Pak Lum, CTO of Singaporean operator StarHub, about the ongoing rollout of the firm’s LTE offering.

Keeping the edge

Mock Pak Lum, chief technology officer, StarHub

In the highly competitive Singaporean market, Mock Pak Lum, who has been CTO of Starhub for ten months, has to keep the operator on the edge in terms of network capabilities.

StarHub: Making roaming work


Singaporean operator StarHub plays in fixed, mobile and payTV. CEO Neil Montefiore talks to about why pure mobile operators might be under threat, why the industry urgently needs to address the issue of data roaming tariffs and why managed services might not be the great idea that so many operators have been led to believe.

StarHub signs roaming agreement with Vodafone

StarHub is offering improved data roaming rates as a result of its partnership with Vodafone

Singaporean operator StarHub has signed a deal with Vodafone, which will see its customers use mobile data services at more attractive rates when roaming to major European countries, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa. With the new preferred rates, customers pay $25 for the first 20Mb of international data used on any particular day. Beyond this usage within the same day, roaming data access costs $3/Mb.

MWC – thoughts from Day 2


Given my whinge yesterday about data roaming charges it was good to hear Starhub CEO Neil Montefiore say that they´re too high and they need to come down. Montefiore said that 80 per cent of his customers disable data when overseas, and that´s probably a typical figure for the industry.

Cook’s recipe for LTE success in Singapore

Peter Cook of Singaporean carrier StarHub

In the lead up to the LTE Asia conference, taking place in Singapore on 6-7th September, we speak to Peter Cook, vice president of mobile network engineering at StarHub, Singapore’s second largest operator.

New opportunities


Neil Montefiore, CEO of Singaporean operator Starhub, talks about the smartphone revolution and the build out of Starhub’s next generation fibre network.

Peter Cook, VP engineering, Starhub


Peter Cook, vice president of mobile engineering at Singaporean operator Starhub, talks to about the deployment of HSPA+ and the upgrade path to LTE.

Subsea cable break slows Asian web

Subsea cable breaks have slowed Asia's internet access

A subsea cable outage in Southeast Asia has prompted analysts to note the central but underappreciated roles undersea cable networks play in global commerce.

M1′s Montefiore to take over StarHub

M1's Montefiore to take over StarHub

Neil Montefiore, who quit Singaporean operator MobileOne (M1) at the end of January 2009 after 13 years at the helm, has revealed plans to take over slightly larger rival StarHub from the start of next year.