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NFV, IoT could save the day as OTTs cost operators $14bn – report
Report says operators have plenty of new wasy to offset revenue declines caused by OTTs.

According to a report published by Juniper Research operators are set to lose $14 billion worth of voice and messaging traffic to OTTs such as WhatsApp, Facebook and Skype in 2014 alone. The report claimed operators in many markets, including the UK, Italy and Spain, have seen 60% decrease in mobile voice revenues in five years.

Telstra enters booming Australian e-health industry
Telstra bringing e-health services to Australia

Australian incumbent operator Telstra has confirmed the launch of new business division, Telstra Health, and a joint venture with Swiss telemedicine company Medgate. “Telstra Readycare” will connect remote residents of Australia with GPs over video or telephone to facilitate diagnosis, prescriptions and referrals.

Europe lags behind Asia in broadband connectivity, says Ovum

International technology research and advisory firm Ovum has announced the launch of the world’s first broadband development index to integrate both fixed and mobile connectivity statistics. The index highlights European struggles in connecting consumers to high speed fixed fibre broadband and LTE mobile broadband.

EE’s quarterly revenue down but new 4G subs record high

EE has posted a year-on-year drop in revenue for the third quarter of 2014 but said it reached a new record in 4G subscribers during the period. At £1.52 billion, operating revenue was down by 1.2% compared to Q3 2013. The operator did not disclose quarterly profit or loss figures.

Google, Qualcomm lead augmented reality start-up investment

Stealth mode augmented reality start-up project Magic Leap claims to have raised $542 million in Series B financing. Google and Qualcomm led the round of financing, indicating that both businesses see significant potential in the product to help drive more commercial uptake of augmented reality inspired technology.

Telefónica Group CIO: Using cloud to regain ground lost to OTT players
Phil Jordan, group CIO at Telefónica

With operations in 24 countries, over 120,000 employees globally, Telefónica Group, one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world, is looking to put at IT at the core of everything that it does in order to compete globally in an industry currently in the throes of a digital revolution. Phil Jordan, group chief information officer at Telefónica says that cloud is at the centre of how the company plans to regain terrain lost to over-the-top (OTT) players, make its core mobile and fixed line operations more flexible and scalable, and enable it to provide next generation digital services.

Evolution Everywhere
EE's CTO and CTO, Fotis Karonis

The CTO and CIO of UK LTE pioneer EE talks to about his experiences of launching the technology, how it has given EE greater leverage in the wider ecosystem, and why CTO and CIO functions belong together.

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Mobile Communications International October 2014

In the October issue of Mobile Communications International, we speak to Simon Segars, CEO of UK chip designer ARM. From its base in Cambridge, ARM has established a global presence as its silicon now exists in almost all mobile devices.

We also look at the complicated world of law in the telco sector. Telecoms is one of the most litigious industries on the planet, with regulation, compliance and a seemingly endless number of patents creating a legal minefield for telcos.

A Week In Wireless
Phoney dilemma

The combination of the camera-laden smartphone and the cloud has given us the power to photographically record our every waking moment with the assurance that our memories will forever reside on a distant, networked hard-drive. But there is another side to this technological coin.

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