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Microsoft urges FCC to approve AT&T DirecTV bid
AT&T deal is facing strong opposition

Microsoft has written to the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) urging for its approval of AT&T’s bid for US and Latin American pay TV provider DirecTV.

EU regulators expected to axe fixed call price caps
EU regulators looking to reform the European telecoms sector

EU telecoms regulators reportedly want to rid the industry of price caps on fixed calls in an attempt to open up and boost the European sector, which is considered weak compared to the US and Asian markets.

Vivendi agrees Brazilian exit

French conglomerate Vivendi said Friday that it has finally agreed a deal for the sale of its wholly owned Brazilian operation, GVT, to European carrier Telefónica. The agreement, signed Thursday, includes a payment of €4.66bn in cash.

Vodafone and EE under increasing Phones 4u PR pressure

The defining feature of nearly all public statements surrounding the recent collapse of UK mobile phone retailer Phone 4u has been overwhelming concern for welfare of the 5,596 employees who stand to lose their jobs, coupled with a concerted attempt to pin it all on the operators.

VoLTE deployments set to double next year

The introduction of VoLTE is accelerating with 21% of operators currently investing in deployments, and according to the Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA) the figure is set to double next year. So far a total of 10, of which seven this year, commercial VoLTE-enabled HD voice services have been launched, and the GSA is expecting eight more by the end of 2014.

Telefónica Group CIO: Using cloud to regain ground lost to OTT players
Phil Jordan, group CIO at Telefónica

With operations in 24 countries, over 120,000 employees globally, Telefónica Group, one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world, is looking to put at IT at the core of everything that it does in order to compete globally in an industry currently in the throes of a digital revolution. Phil Jordan, group chief information officer at Telefónica says that cloud is at the centre of how the company plans to regain terrain lost to over-the-top (OTT) players, make its core mobile and fixed line operations more flexible and scalable, and enable it to provide next generation digital services.

Evolution Everywhere
EE's CTO and CTO, Fotis Karonis

The CTO and CIO of UK LTE pioneer EE talks to about his experiences of launching the technology, how it has given EE greater leverage in the wider ecosystem, and why CTO and CIO functions belong together.

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A Week In Wireless
Moans 4u

It is a hazard of the journalistic trade to be persistently lied to. Most of these are pretty benign lies, or not even that – merely half-truths, exaggerations or hyperbole – but the selective dissemination of information by those with an overt agenda is big business.

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