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Nexmo boosts OTT quality with Telefonica deal
Nexmo specialises in messaging

The lines between network operator and OTT communications provider blurred further this week as Telefónica O2 UK partnered with cloud-based messaging and voice software developer Nexmo. Nexmo writes the underlying APIs that power the likes of Viber, Line and Kakao Talk.

Telefonica tests capabilities of virtualization with Brocade partnership
Telefonica and Brocade are exploring virtualized capabilities

The quest for virtualization in the network operator community is turning into something of an arms race as much for the vendor ecosystem as for the carriers. On Tuesday Telefónica partnered with networking specialist Brocade to explore the capabilities of virtualized network appliances running on off the shelf, Intel-based hardware.

Ericsson to help Telstra introduce SDN, NFV

In a bid to support more cloud and digital services Telstra announced that it is working with telecoms equipment vendor Ericsson to introduce software defined networking and network function virtualisation into the telco’s network.

Samsung snaps up SmartThings in IoT play

The landgrab for Internet of Things (IoT) assets continues with Samsung buying up a ready made IoT community and ecosystem in the form of SmartThings.

Empirix makes big data analytics purchase

Network performance specialist Empirix has acquired real-time analytics firm Verios Software & Systems for an undisclosed sum. Combining the two product suites, Empirix said it aims to create a service operation centre management suite that will analyse and troubleshoot wireless network customer experience from end-user devices to the core network in real time.

Evolution Everywhere
EE's CTO and CTO, Fotis Karonis

The CTO and CIO of UK LTE pioneer EE talks to about his experiences of launching the technology, how it has given EE greater leverage in the wider ecosystem, and why CTO and CIO functions belong together.

Carta Blanco: NFV at Telefónica

Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) is set to become one of the defining trends of the era in the mobile network. Spanish incumbent Telefónica is the first operator to lay out its approach to NFV and its plans are both detailed and aggressive. Mike Hibberd met with Global CTO Enrique Blanco ahead of Telefónica’s NFV announcement, to learn of the changes in store.

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Mobile Communications International June 2014

Living in a 4G world: The most pressing issues facing LTE operators today. Featuring:

Fifth Generation – Now officially part of the industry discourse, what does 5G actually mean?
Name your price – How LTE pricing strategies are evolving as markets mature.
Tomorrow the World Phone – Despite the global embrace of LTE, a truly global device remains to be seen.

A Week In Wireless
A quick memo

The business world is like the real world, but with everything slightly altered. That’s because, in the real world, we’re not constantly under pressure to appear to be productive. If we want to spend days on end slumped on the sofa in front of the cricket we can, although as the Informer can confirm, dissent from those close to you is never far away.

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