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ITU holds mega event to outline 2016-2020 strategy
ITU has kicked off a series of events to outline 2016-2020 strategy

The ITU (International Telecommunications Union) has kicked off its 19th ‘Plenipotentiary Conference’ (informally known as PP-14), which outlines the UN ICT unit’s strategy and financial plan for the period 2016-2020. The event, which takes place in Busan, South Korea over the next three weeks, gathers together some 3,000 international delegates to discuss the future of the global ICT sector, and develop policies and recommendations.

HP to end webOS cloud services in January
HP's webOS cloud services are no more

Hewlett-Packard has confirmed that it will be ceasing support of its faltering webOS cloud services platform in January. In an official statement on the webOS website, HP cited declining user numbers as the primary motive behind the decision.

ADTRAN, Aethra claim the first reverse powered FTTdp

Broadband access specialist ADTRAN and network equipment vendor Aethra Telecommunications are to demonstrate what is said to be the first reverse powered Fibre-to-the-Distribution-Point (FTTdp) multi-port system at the Broadband World Forum 2014, held in Amsterdam this week.

Microsoft to launch cross-platform smartwatch in weeks – report

According to a report, Microsoft is about to launch a smartwatch that will work on multiple mobile platforms and among other features track wearer’s heart rate. It was also reported the device, which will apparently come to market in time for the US holiday season, will have a battery life of over two days.

SK Telecom and Samsung announce 5G collaboration

South Korean telco and handset manufacturer, SK Telecom and Samsung respectively, have announced a joint memorandum of understanding (MOU) in a bid to advance 5G research and development. The agreement will centre on providing large-volume and high quality services on gigabit data rates, such as augmented reality (AR).

Telefónica Group CIO: Using cloud to regain ground lost to OTT players
Phil Jordan, group CIO at Telefónica

With operations in 24 countries, over 120,000 employees globally, Telefónica Group, one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world, is looking to put at IT at the core of everything that it does in order to compete globally in an industry currently in the throes of a digital revolution. Phil Jordan, group chief information officer at Telefónica says that cloud is at the centre of how the company plans to regain terrain lost to over-the-top (OTT) players, make its core mobile and fixed line operations more flexible and scalable, and enable it to provide next generation digital services.

Evolution Everywhere
EE's CTO and CTO, Fotis Karonis

The CTO and CIO of UK LTE pioneer EE talks to about his experiences of launching the technology, how it has given EE greater leverage in the wider ecosystem, and why CTO and CIO functions belong together.

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Mobile Communications International October 2014

Arming The World: ARM silicon is found in nearly all mobile devices. We speak to CEO Simon Segars to get some of the secrets of ARM’s success. Featuring:

Leaks, Litigation and Liability,

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OTT or not OTT?

A Week In Wireless
Phoney dilemma

The combination of the camera-laden smartphone and the cloud has given us the power to photographically record our every waking moment with the assurance that our memories will forever reside on a distant, networked hard-drive. But there is another side to this technological coin.

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Comment by Constantin You have to multiply by 8 to convert to bps from Bps. The real issue is the footprint and the indoor ...

Constantin on Samsung claims 5G breakthrough
Comment by Dean Anthony Gratton LTE-A is 4G as proposed by the ITU and 3GPP - they wanted to achieve 1.5Gb/s, as a de facto, ...

Dean Anthony Gratton on Vodafone announces UK carrier aggregation roll-out
Comment by Kai Interesting... but there have been demos from Nokia showing higher speeds of 2.6 Gbps (lately 3.8 Gbps) with current LTE ...

Kai on Samsung claims 5G breakthrough
Comment by Mike Newlands Not just one Scott, there were quite a few including T-Mobile in the US and several operators in the Caribbean. ...

Mike Newlands on Vodafone announces UK carrier aggregation roll-out
Comment by Scott Bicheno Hi Mike, the 4.5G claim is Vodafone's not ours, sorry for not making that clearer. There is considerable precedent for ...

Scott Bicheno on Vodafone announces UK carrier aggregation roll-out
Comment by Mike Newlands Where on earth do you get this 4.5G nonsense? According to the performance standard stipulated by the ITU, LTE ...

Mike Newlands on Vodafone announces UK carrier aggregation roll-out