Telefónica urges Europe to create a more transparent market

Telefónica wants to see more unification of the telecoms sector across Europe

Telefónica’s Big Data Director Richard Benjamins has urged the European Union to unify the continent’s telecoms market and level the playing field between operators and OTT players. He said unless action to create more transparent and fairer market is taken soon, Europe will lose its chance to be at the forefront of Big Data.

US sets personal cloud privacy precedent

The contents of smartphones are increasingly stored in the cloud

A recent landmark US Supreme Court ruling on the legality of searching a mobile phone without a warrant is a ‘historical moment’ for defenders of privacy rights according to Microsoft general counsel & executive vice president, legal & corporate affairs Brad Smith.

Deutsche Telekom reveals government snooping requests

Telekom is shifting pressure to the authorities

In the wake of a far reaching report by Vodafone Group revealing the level of government snooping demanded in 29 countries the company holds an operating licence in, German carrier Deutsche Telekom has published figures on wiretapping in its domestic market.

The Ken Burns effect


Facebook turned ten in early February and, like all ten year olds, it is prone to over sharing. The Informer has long lurked on Facebook, a silent voyeur struck by an often morbid curiosity to click on the banal and fatuous items in his newsfeed. And if your newsfeed looked anything like the Informer’s in early February, it was chock full of people sharing their ‘life story’—Facebook’s gift to the world after a ten-year social bender.

Google ‘outraged’ over NSA datacentre hack

A leaked NSA slide detailing the “Google Cloud Exploitation”

According to National Security Agency documents recently leaked by former intelligence contractor Edward Snowden, the US intelligence agency has hacked the main communications links between the public internet and Google and Yahoo’s datacentres globally. Google is ‘outraged’ by the reports, saying it underscores the need for urgent reform.

The price of loyalty


Dystopian futures almost always feature some kind of omnipotent presence—political, corporate or non-human—beneath whose gaze the masses cringe and squirm. And the power that these entities enjoy often depends, in a nod to the grim realities of the past, on the willingness of individuals to betray one another in return for a scrap of reward or approval.

Central to these scenarios is the suggestion that human beings are complicit in their own subjugation; too quick to divide and invite the rule of tyranny.

Consumers “don’t care about privacy”, survey finds

The survey suggests consumers are happy to share personal data under the right circumstances.

Almost two thirds’ of consumers aged between 18 and 34 “don’t care about privacy”, with 59 per cent of those aged between 35 and 44 equally unconcerned, according to a report published today.

NSA collecting Verizon call data says report

The court order, if real, could be the broadest surveillance order ever to have been issued".

The US National Security Agency is collecting the call records of millions of Verizon’s customers, according to a report published by the Guardian Newspaper in the UK.

Other people’s lives


When Mark Zuckerberg announced the death of privacy last year, The Informer thought the little dweeb was talking about Facebook, but recent events in the British media world would appear to suggest otherwise. Never mind the Winkelvoss twins, if anyone can lay claim to prior art when it comes to the innovation of making money from information that people thought was private, it seems to be the British media and police establishments.

Google scrutinised over competition and privacy issues

Google scrutinised over competition and privacy issues

It’s not been a good week for Google. The firm has attracted the attentions of European antitrust authorities, while executives in Italy have been indicted for breaching local privacy laws.

T-Mobile at centre of illegal data sale investigation

T-Mobile at centre of illegal data sale investigation

Employees at T-Mobile’s UK operation have been identified as the culprits in the illegal sale of subscriber data affecting “many thousands of customers”.

Privacy Primer: protecting consumers in the age of behavioural targeting

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Published by Openwave May 2009

As more users spend more time connected to online communities through their mobile device, it is essential for mobile operators to strike the right balance between user benefits and personal privacy, especially as targeted advertising gains traction in the marketplace.