PayPal splits from eBay in face of Apple Pay challenge

PayPal face increased competition from Apple Pay

eBay and wholly-owned subsidiary PayPal will officially split into two independent publicly traded companies in 2015, the company has confirmed. After a review of the company’s growth strategies and structure, the board of directors concluded the split will enable both companies to better position themselves to respond to competitive change.

Alibaba set for record IPO and international expansion

Alibaba looking to raise $24.3 billion investment before IPO launch

The Chinese e-commerce giant is to commence its investor roadshow in the USA this week, ahead of one of the most highly anticipated Initial Public Offerings in the history of the New York Stock Exchange.

PayPal launches Chip & PIN mobile payment device

PayPal Here is the payment provider's Chip & PIN mobile payment device

Payment provider PayPal has launched a card reader device that handles Chip & PIN and PayPal payments in Europe. The device will be available to select UK businesses over the coming months before becoming generally available this summer. purchase works out PayPal’s mobile arm develops an application that enabled users to capture credit card information using the camera on a smartphone

Transaction giant PayPal added another tool to its arsenal for occasional merchants this week with the acquisition of San Francisco startup The firm develops an application that enabled users to capture credit card information using the camera on a smartphone.

Mobilising the market place

The most significant developments are being driven by the occasional merchants

The biggest innovations in m-payment mechanisms among merchants seem to be at the lower end of the market. But Big Retail is still in the running and everyone is seeking to influence a change in behaviour.

Zong founder takes helm of Paypal

Zong was a carrier billing pioneer

Online payment giant Paypal has named entrepreneur and founder of Zong, David Marcus, as its president. Marcus had held the position of VP of mobile since the acquisition of Zong last year.

PayPal launches mobile payment device

PayPal Here will be launched in the US, Canada, Australia and Hong Kong in spring

PayPal has launched a mobile payment solution allowing small businesses to process a wide variety of types of transaction. The solution, called PayPal Here, allows businesses to accept payments by swiping cards with a fully encrypted thumb-sized card reader, use a phone camera to scan and process cards and cheques and also allows businesses to invoice directly from the PayPal mobile app.

PayPal to launch new in-store mobile payment services

PayPal will introduce new mobile payment services in retail outlets

eBay is launching a host of in-store payment processing services for retailers, via PayPal, over the coming months. The services do not rely on the use of near-field communications (NFC) or credit or debit cards.

Paypal ups ante in carrier billing space

Zong: most of e-commerce will shortly become m-commerce

PayPal owner eBay has added to its arsenal in the mobile payments space with the $240m acquisition of Zong, a transaction firm with strong ties to Facebook and expertise in carrier billing.

Et tu, Google?


When Google’s chief counsel, Kent Walker, explained recently that the firm wants to use Nortel’s patent portfolio to deter litigious attacks from other players, he was acknowledging the downside of the firm’s rise to power. Its competitors, threatened like cornered animals, are likely to embrace attack as the best form of defence. But for all his grim realism, even Walker must have been surprised by the sheer velocity with which PayPal launched a legal assault on Google over the launch of its mobile payment strategy this week.

Tap tap: Google gets its wallet out

Google Wallet will launch this summer

Web giant Google has unveiled its plans for NFC mobile payments via the handset and promptly got itself into hot water. It’s PayPal that has taken issue with Google Wallet, and small wonder, given that the two people heading up the initiative used to work for the payments firm.

eBay picks up mobile ad outfit Where

Where operates a location-based mobile ad platform

Online auction house eBay has agreed to acquire m-commerce and mobile advertising firm Where for an undisclosed sum. Based in Boston, US, Where runs a location-based mobile ad network, which should give eBay greater presence on a local level.