IP interconnect hub launches in Asia

The AIX caters to Indonesia  and Malaysia

IP interconnect provider XConnect and Malaysian and Indonesian ICT specialist Extol this week launched the Asian Interconnect Exchange (AIX), giving local service providers access to an IP hub where they can exchange IP traffic and services.

SK Telecom tests NSN Liquid Apps tech; Celcom extends LTE network

Global broadband revenues to continue rising

South Korean LTE pioneer SK Telecom this week completed lab tests of NSN’s Liquid Applications technology over LTE, enabling the carrier to deliver media-rich services and content directly from the base station.

CEO, Malaysia’s YTL: “We believe the ecosystem for TD-LTE will soon cross the tipping point”

Wing Lee, CEO of Yes, the brand name of YTL Communications, Malaysia

Wing Lee, CEO of Malaysian communications provider YTL is speaking on the subject of Managed Service and Cloud Platforms on Day Two of the LTE LTE Asia conference taking place on the 18th-19th September 2013 at the Suntec, Singapore. Ahead of the show we speak to him about the state of YTL’s 4G networks and Lee’s view on TD-LTE technology.

Malaysia allocates 4G spectrum

Malaysia has allocated 2600MHz spectrum to use for 4G services

Malaysians will not have to wait much longer to use LTE services, after the country’s Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) announced it has allocated spectrum in the 2600MHz band. Eight operators have been allocated licences to the band: Celcom Axiata, DiGi Telecommunications, Maxis Broadband, Packet One Networks, Puncak Semangat, REDtone, U Mobile and YTL Communications.

Rumours of Telekom Malaysia deal to buy WiMAX king P1 don’t add up

Malaysia's P1 unveils 2.0 Evolution Plan

Like most other people in the telecoms industry I do love a good rumour, there’s simply nothing better than working out the different reasons behind a rumoured deal and then wondering if there’s some magic angle that you’re missing, the link that makes the whole thing make perfect sense.

Fastest Asian submarine cable open for business

The cable carries traffic at a blistering 40Gbps

Asia’s fastest submarine cable link opened for business this week, carrying traffic at a blistering 40Gbps between Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines with an additional link to Hong Kong to be added in December.

Russia escapes broadband crunch as others falter

Russia has bucked the trend

While many markets around the world have seen lower than expected growth over the past three years in terms of broadband adoption, Russia has bucked the trend by posting big growth figures, according to UK research firm Point Topic.

Biznet Networks president: “To deliver an affordable broadband service for the market is really the challenge.”

Adi Kusma is president of Biznet Networks, Indonesia

Adi Kusma is president of Biznet Networks, one the leading telecoms providers in Indonesia. He is appearing on Day One of the Broadband ip&TV Asia 2012 conference, taking place on the 15th-16th May 2012, KL Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. speaks to him about the major developments and challenges in the region.

DiGi Telecommunications, Malaysia: “Caps, quotas and throttling are crucial to ensure data profitability”

Praveen Rajan, Head of Internet & Services, DiGi Telecommunications, Malaysia

Praveen Rajan, Head of Internet & Services, DiGi Telecommunications, Malaysia is speaking as part of the Emerging Market Experience Exchange the day before the Broadband ip&TV Asia 2012 conference, 15th-16th May 2012, KL Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. catches up with him to see what the major concerns and issues are for this local operator.

YTL Communications: “We need to deliver the service that customers demand. Not just hype.”

Ali Tabassi, chief operating officer for YTL Communications, Malaysia

Ali Tabassi, chief operating officer for YTL Communications, which operates a mobile broadband in Malaysia under the brand name of Yes, believes his company’s service offerings stand up to the brand promise. While in many developed markets mobile broadband coverage often suffers from poor coverage and lacklustre speeds, in Malaysia, Yes will let you stream YouTube videos or conduct video calls whether you’re in downtown Kuala Lumpar or in the mountains near the border of Thailand.

WiMAX volumes may finally be coming

The WiMAX industry continues to suffer from delays and a lack of scale, but can now point to signs that volumes may finally be on the way due a growing number of significant deployments by operators such as Packet One in Malaysia, Yota and Comstar in Russia, Cleawire and its MVNO Time Warner Cable in the US, and UQ Communications in Japan.

WiMAX supply and demand

WiMAX Vision speaks to CC Puan, CEO of Green Packet Malaysia, and MD of the Green Packet Group, about the firm’s WiMAX interests as both supplier and operator.

Maxis brings NFC payments to Malaysia

NFC comes to Malaysia

Malaysian mobile operator Maxis launched what it claims to be the world’s first commercial mobile payment system based on NFC (Near Field Communications) technology on Thursday.

Packet One outlines ZTE deal

Packet One outlines ZTE deal

Malaysian WiMAX operator Packet One Networks (P1) has fleshed out the terms of its agreement with ZTE, which it alluded to last week.

Packet One looks to ZTE

Packet One looks to ZTE

Malaysian operator Packet One Networks (P1) says it is entering into a WiMAX technology partnership with Chinese vendor ZTE. The partnership, which will be formalised next week, is reportedly part of P1′s efforts to accelerate expansion of its WiMAX network.

Redtone launches WiMAX in East Malaysia

Redtone, using base stations and CPE equipment from Motorola, has launched the first commercial WiMAX service in East Malaysia. The first phase of the WiMAX network covers the Kota Kinabalu business district.    Redtone’s WiMAX licence – a 25MHz slice of spectrum in the 2.3GHz frequency band – will allow the company to extend coverage across [...]

P1 first out of WiMAX traps in Malaysia

Packet One (P1), a 2.3GHz mobile WiMAX licence holder in Peninsular Malaysia, has become the first operator in the country to launch commercial WiMAX services. The initial promotional offer is RM99 ($30) per month for customers signing up to a 12-month contract for a 1.2Mbps service. A 2.4Mbps service is available at RM299 ($89) per [...]

REDtone waits for green light on price

REDtone, Malaysia

Malaysian operator is pushing for much cheaper WiMAX kit ahead of commercial launch.