Telcos and APIs: Got an Ology?

Informa APIs

British Telecom TV ads of the ‘80s are fondly remembered. Their star, suburban housewife Beattie (geddit?), encouraged a nation to talk. In one famous ad, Beattie comforts her hapless grandson about his dismal exam results. Discovering he’s at least passed sociology, she exclaims: “You get an Ology, you’re a scientist!” Many telecom operators think the same about [...]

Going over the top


There’s a lot of furious activity going on in the telco services space right now. Feeling the heat from our Over The Top friends, carriers are feverishly investing in similar services and applications to maintain their place as a gatekeeper of the communications experience.

Femto Forum publishes LTE interoperability APIs

The Femto Forum has published a set of application programming interfaces (APIs) which help enable LTE femtocell semiconductors and protocol software stacks from different vendors to interoperate.

Verizon opens up with developer APIs

Verizon Wireless made a total of 20 different APIs (application programming interfaces) available to developers

US telco Verizon Wireless on Wednesday made a total of 20 different APIs (application programming interfaces) available to developers, opening up its network to new messaging and location-based services.

Operator APIs left in dust as Google sweeps up

Operator APIs left in dust as Google sweeps up

Almost two thirds of mobile application developers are using or planning to use Google’s server side APIs when building apps, with only a quarter using those provided by mobile operators.

Major changes are expected in the role of network APIs

The continued decline of voice revenues is pushing mobile operators to turn to data services for new revenue opportunities, but traffic growth has outpaced revenues and networks are currently in a need of new revenue streams to support infrastructure upgrades.

Network APIs moment of truth: Are there revenue opportunities?

Open network APIs are arguably the most publicized alternative business model to the traditional voice, SMS and data operator offering. Network APIs are enablers for a variety of business models, including operator branded application stores, two sided business models, web mashups and developer communities.