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Election manifestos – short on detail

UK broadband tax scrapped

There was the inevitable effusive prose about the wonders of the “digital economy” and ambitions for Britain to be a “European hub for hi-tech, digital and creative industries” or a “world leader in the development of broadband” but little in the way of new insights into precisely how this might be achieved.

Online video a key factor as new ITV chief ponders pay TV

Not long after ITV announced that former Royal Mail chief executive Adam Crozier would be its new chief executive – and with variations on the “now he’s got the post, can he deliver?” joke beginning to run thin – ideas about what Crozier needs to do to turn around the UK’s largest commercial broadcaster are starting to be fine-tuned.

The power of high definition suggestion

Pay-TV operators and broadcasters have long been concerned that far too many consumers do not realise that there is more to receiving high-definition television programmes than simply buying an HD-capable television set.