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Samsung refreshes the connected camera business model


Digital cameras seemed like an obvious, early choice for the embedding of wireless connectivity. But the realisation of this has by and large been foiled – mainly due to the business model for cameras being based on content creation rather than content consumption.

With 50% of Apple’s value at stake the iPhone 5 has to be something special


The public launches of flagship products generate plenty of hoopla these days and none more so than those brought to market by Apple; especially the iPhone. The anticipated announcement of the 6th version of the iPhone (following the 2G, 3G, 3GS, 4 and 4S models) is the most critical for the company to date – and possibly for any technology company, ever. For at no point in Apple’s history has so much of its future depended on the fortunes of a single device.

M2M needs focus on core competency for the common benefit of all

Deutsche Telekom and T-Mobile sign deal with M2M specialist Telit Wireless

The M2M market is gaining momentum and industry participants are eagerly waiting for the moment when growth stops being slow and steady and becomes exponential. One of the drivers for this anticipated scale is the M2M service providers’ ability to address the needs of the market as widely as possible – something that is achieved through ubiquity of coverage and seamless continuity of service availability. This dovetails with the need of enterprises wishing to augment their operations using M2M connectivity to do so as simply as possible.

Acer unveils cloud-based consumer services

Acer is targeting cross platform cloud connectivity

At CES 2012 Acer unveiled its plans for a new cloud-based service called ‘AcerCloud’ to help them develop a relationship with the consumers that purchase Acer’s electronic devices.

Do consumer telematics services have real potential?

Gosling will develop communication technologies for seafaring robots

The embedding of machine-to-machine (M2M) communications technology within commercial vehicles for the purpose of allowing fleet tracking is already a mature market in the enterprise services sector. The value proposition for fleet owners in terms of the implications for their internal operations as well as for the services that they can offer to their own customers as is clear.

Telematics: a stalwart of the past and a proving ground for the future

There were 21 per cent more unique IP addresses in the second quarter of this year than 12 months previously

The Telematics market is the longest-standing and most mature segment of the Machine-to-machine (M2M) industry. It has acted as a test bed environment for the design of more robust, reliable and longer-lasting telecommunications components that are now finding their way into many other products, not just vehicles.

France Telecom to launch M2M SIM on shared Mobile Country Code

Gosling will develop communication technologies for seafaring robots

Mobile Country Code (MCC) 901 is something special. It is reserved for the provision of Mobile Network Codes (MNCs) that are not homed to any one national market. MCC 901 is consequently known as a ‘shared’ Mobile Country Code and carriers that qualify to be allocated an MNC that uses MCC 901 are able to operate cross-border services using a single SIM with a single price for data connectivity. For enterprise customers who purchase such SIMs this prevents them from having to worry about roaming charges or bill-shock for their connected devices. It also guarantees seamless continuity of service availability internationally.

Come on Amazon light my Fire


When it comes to the relationship between the devices and content they offer Amazon and Apple are two very different companies. Apple’s App Store was created to act as a differentiating feature that is available only to their end users, in order to compel consumers to purchase Apple devices rather than those of their rivals. While for Amazon it is the reverse, their devices exist to encourage the growth of the market for the sale of the digital content that is available on their online store.

MWC debrief: M2M

Deutsche Telekom and T-Mobile sign deal with M2M specialist Telit Wireless

Informa analyst Jamie Moss discusses the latest developments in the M2M space – a clear focus point among the operators this year.

M2M: a partnership-driven market with enough potential for all participants

To get the Telstra Wireless M2M Control Centre initiative started, the carrier has entered into an exclusive, multi-year agreement with M2M technology provider Jasper Wireless

Informa’s Embedded Connectivity event this September was spearheaded by an operator panel of unprecedented influence and expertise: Eric Brenneis, the Global Head of M2M at Vodafone; Emmanuel Routier, the Director of the International M2M Centre at Orange Group; and Angel Garcia Barrio, the Head of M2M for Telefonica O2. T-Mobile’s VP of Data Solutions and M2M, Mathias Elsner, was also scheduled to be present, but was unfortunately unable to be there on the day.

Do we need a wireless carrier e-commerce revolution to kickstart the mobile Value Added Services market?

Nokia will launch Nokia Money in 2010

Carriers’ online service purchasing mechanisms are apparently not as advanced as consumers might think. OSS and BSS industry sources are suggesting that as few as 10 to 15 percent of wireless carriers worldwide have an end-to-end e-commerce solution as part of their web presence.