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GSMA opposes UK national roaming proposals

UK's rural areas need better coverage

The GSMA has come out in opposition to the UK government’s national roaming proposals. In a statement, issued mere weeks after the news first broke, the mobile industry association’s Chief Regulatory Officer Tom Phillips said the organisation believes compulsory network sharing would be damaging to the industry and service quality.

UK government outlines plans for compulsory national roaming

Achieving mobile connection can sometimes take a bit of creativity

The department for culture, media and sport has outlined its plans to tackle so called mobile not-spots in rural UK. The proposals include the option of compulsory network sharing, which would mean allowing users national roaming much in the same way that now only happens during international travel.

Graham Payne departs in management reshuffle at MBNL

Graham Payne is leaving MBNL after five years as MD.

UK network joint venture MBNL, created by T-Mobile and 3UK in 2007 and now owned by 3 with EE, is getting a change of management as the organisation shifts from the integration of the various UK networks held by its parents to an operational and cost-control model. Graham Payne, MBNL’s managing director and financial director Brian More O’Ferrall, are to leave the company, to be replaced by Pat Coxen of EE and Gervase King of 3UK.

Greek operators strike network sharing deal

Global broadband revenues to continue rising

With the difficult economic climate taking its toll on businesses in Greece, the nation’s number two and number three mobile operators have signed an active 2G and 3G network sharing agreement covering rural areas and some urban sites.

Rogers and Vidéotron bring LTE to Ottawa and Québec

Canada flag

Canadian mobile operator Rogers has signed a 20 year agreement with telecoms firm Vidéotron to bring LTE services to customers in the Québec and Ottawa regions.

Access field development director, Google: “We have to create more local content in Africa”

Kai U. Wulff, access field development director, Google

Kai U. Wulff, access field development director, Google is speaking on Day Two of the LTE Africa conference, taking place on 9th-10th July 2013 in Cape Town. Ahead of the show, we speak to him to find out more about his role, and why he is excited about Africa and its potential for growth.

Vodafone and 3 in Irish network sharing deal

The two operators are expected to establish a joint venture

Mobile operators 3 and Vodafone are set to embark on a network sharing agreement in Ireland. A source close to the deal told that the two operators are in advanced discussions regarding a joint infrastructure partnership.

Everything Everywhere announces £1.5bn network investment

Everything Everywhere is investing £1.5bn over three years

UK communications firm Everything Everywhere, which owns and operates the British Orange and T-Mobile brands, has announced that it is to invest £1.5bn ($2.4bn) in a three-year network evolution programme. The project will accelerate the integration of the Orange and T-Mobile networks and ready them for LTE through the “implementation of 4G-ready technology following successful trials,” the firm said.

AT&T, Verizon to be forced to share data networks with rivals

AT&T and Verizon will be forced to share their data networks with competitors

Under rules approved by America’s Federal Communications Commission (FCC), AT&T and Verizon will be required to share their data networks with smaller operators. Network sharing arrangements for voice calls are already mandatory; prior to yesterday’s ruling, network sharing for mobile data was arranged on a voluntary basis.

Eircom and O2 announce Irish network share

The deal is the first instance of network sharing in Ireland

The second and third-placed mobile operators in the Irish market, incumbent Eircom and Telefonica’s O2, have announced that they are to share networks in a deal that Eircom described as the first of its kind in Ireland. Eircom said that the deal will “result in an unrivalled mobile experience for customers” as the two carriers seek to meet growing demand for high bandwidth services.

Merger of 3UK and T-Mobile UK networks complete

12,000 UK sites have been consolidated as part of the MBNL project

Ericsson has announced that the project to merge the UK 3G networks of T-Mobile and 3 has been completed, with more than 12,000 sites consolidated. The two carriers created a third party organisation, Mobile Broadband Network Ltd (MBNL) in 2007 to run the joint network, with Ericsson the primary service provider to MBNL.

Orange, T-Mobile begin network merger

The 50:50 joint venture, Everything Everywhere, created a new market leader with over 34 million subscribers and a 43 per cent share of the UK market

The UK arms of Orange and T-Mobile began promoting the consumer benefits of their mammoth merger on Monday. But the service improvement promises made by the newly created company—Everything Everywhere—seemed to carry an acknowledgement that the coverage profiles of the two networks individually were previously somewhat lacking.

Reliance Communications to spin off tower business

Reliance Communications is looking to create the "world's largest independent telecom infrastructure comapny"

Indian fixed and mobile operator Reliance Communications (RCOM) has announced that it is to spin out its cell tower subsidiary Reliance Infratel. The move would create the world’s largest independent telecoms infrastructure company, the firm said Monday.

European operators need the right balance to grow in 2010

The past year has been particularly challenging for Europe’s mobile operators, in light of the economic downturn and the growing impact of regulatory measures. These factors and heightened competition in the industry have caused operators to focus on costs and operational efficiency.

2010: Predictions for the year ahead

2010: Predictions for the year ahead

The telecoms industry is beginning to see signs of economic recovery and can look forward to sustained, slow revenue growth in 2010, according to analyst research released by Informa Telecoms & Media.

Share and share alike

Share and share alike

Leading operators in Western Europe have instigated infrastructure sharing and outsourcing deals, but carriers in developing markets are now beginning to look into alliances that would relieve them of heavy costs and speed expansion into rural areas.

2009: Application stores and other trends

Mobile Communications International December 2009

Issue #162

Exclusive interviews with:

Lee Williams, executive director of the Symbian Foundation

Mike Fairman, CEO of crowd sourcing MVNO Giffgaff

Plus the following features: Application Stores, Africa, Android, Network Sharing

Tower sharing offers opportunities for emerging markets

Tower sharing offers opportunities for emerging markets

While the large operators in Western Europe like Telefonica or Vodafone have instigated advanced active infrastructure sharing and outsourcing, telecom operators in developing markets are now beginning to look into alliances that would help relieve them of heavy costs and speed their expansion into rural areas.

Top carriers face high costs migrating to LTE

Upgrading to LTE could be a costly business for carriers

Mobile operators around the world face high costs to migrate to LTE, with a tier one US operator looking at expenditure of up to $1.78bn in the first year.

UK merger raises prospect of single network

Could the UK become a single network market?

The UK moved one step closer towards a single mobile network market on Tuesday as European telecom giants Deutsche Telekom and France Telecom announced plans to merge T-Mobile UK and Orange UK into a 50:50 joint venture.