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Be gentle with the Informer today as it was the Awards last night and, as ever, it was a large one. Chatting to the lovely Lucy Porter, as you do, the Informer learned that, despite being a celeb of some renown, Porter rarely tweets.

AT&T-Chernin venture snaps up Fullscreen stake

AT&T and Chernin Group agree to buy majority of Fullscreen

Otter Media, the joint venture of AT&T and media holding company Chernin Group, formed in April, announced its intention to buy a majority stake in YouTube content provider Fullscreen in a move to establish firmer foot in the online video market.

Can’t we all just get along?


The Informer spent much of this week in sunny Amsterdam, basking in the glow of the world’s most advanced LTE networks, as early adopters and keen followers shot the breeze at LTE World Summit. What was interesting, was that the talk on the conference floor was all very heavy and technical, compared to the usual marketing gloss and business-case chat the Informer is used to hearing. Still, whereas the problems highlighted at those kind of gatherings are often identified as technical, the guys responsible for the technology were this time pointing the finger at commercial issues.

Regional Manager Gulf, Google: “Mobile search is becoming increasingly crucial”

Mohamad Mourad, Regional Manager Gulf, Google

Mohamad Mourad, Regional Manager Gulf, Google is delivering a keynote of the opening day of the Broadband MEA conference, taking place on the 19th-20th March 2013 at the JW Marriott Marquis Hotel, Dubai, UAE. Ahead of the show we speak to him about his role and what opportunities he sees for Google in the region.

Hunter Walk: “YouTube has become a global living room”


YouTube is leading to a smarter, more caring world, according to Hunter Walk, Director of product management at YouTube. Today the YouTube community is more than 850 million monthly visitors. It’ll be a billion-person community quite soon.

Director of product management YouTube: “YouTube has become a global living room”


Hunter Walk is director of product management at YouTube and is delivering an opening day Keynote at the Broadband World Forum 2012, taking place on the 16 – 18 October 2012 at the RAI Exhibition and Convention Centre, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We speak to him on what has made YouTube the global success it has become and how he sees the video platform evolving in the future.

Facebook and YouTube focus on photo sharing

Facebook and YouTube launch photo-sharing apps

Facebook has launched a photo-sharing app just weeks after agreeing to acquire Instagram, while Google–owned YouTube has introduced an app which enables users to take photos at events when they are not physically there.

Mobile data peak demand is an all-day phenomenon

Mobile video is driving data traffic on an almost all-day basis

There’s no rest for a busy network. With video now accounting for the lion’s share of mobile data traffic on wireless networks, peak demand has become an almost all-day phenomenon, running from noon to midnight daily.

YouTube racks up 2 billion video views per day

YouTube racks up 2 billion video views per day

YouTube, the online video platform owned by Google, celebrated its fifth birthday on Sunday with the announcement that the site is now racking up two billion video views per day.

Don’t Panic!

The Informer was disappointed to learn this week that Facebook is not going to install a panic button on its network. Gripped as he often is by a nameless dread, it would have made his status updates so much easier. In fact, learning that there was to be no panic button, actually made the Informer panic. Right now he has everything more or less under control, though, which is handy because it’s not easy writing weekly wireless round ups when you’re quivering.

Can OTT players really beat pay TV operators at their own game?

With the “over the top”-content game attracting IT giants, such as Apple and You Tube, huge regional players, like Tudou and Yukou in China, and many other global media brands, it’s not hard to imagine that the world’s pay-TV operators could get pushed aside in the battle for consumers’ wallets.

YouTube readies for iPhone landing

YouTube will be available on Apple’s forthcoming iPhone from launch, the Californian company said on Wednesday. The Google-owned user generate content firm also revealed it has been encoding its clips into a new format in an attempt to improve quality and preserve battery life when viewed over wireless devices. YouTube is using the advanced H.264 [...]

Vodafone puts YouTube on mobile

Vodafone marked the end of a busy week on Friday with an agreement to launch YouTube on mobile phones. The service will launch in the UK initially and will be expanded to key markets across Europe, allowing users to access a version of the popular YouTube service directly via Vodafone live! As part of the [...]

YouTube comes to the mobile

The video service YouTube is to arrive on mobile phones for the first time under a deal with Verizon Wireless in the US. The deal will be announced later today and is believed to include an upload service for films shot with video phones. YouTube was bought earlier this month by Google for $1.76bn. The [...]

Verizon and YouTube in content talks

According to reports, America’s second largest telecommunications company, Verizon, is in talks with online video service YouTube to put its wares on mobile phones. The report comes days after YouTube announced its intention to create a service specifically designed for wireless devices. According to the Wall Street Journal the talks are at an “advanced” stage. [...]

YouTube to go wireless next year

The online video phenomenon YouTube announced Wednesday that it hopes to launch a service for wireless devices within a year. At the OgilvyOne digital advertising summit in New York, the firm’s executive and co-founder, Chad Hurley said delivering video to wireless devices was an important step and a huge opportunity. “It’s a natural transition,” Hurley [...]