Sony, LG, Windows make smartphone gains

Sony's Xperia U has performed well in Spain

Microsoft’s Windows OS now has 8.4 per cent of the UK smartphone market, while demand for lower cost devices in Southern Italy is being exploited by Sony and LG. Macro economic conditions and increasing diversity in operators’ subsidy strategies are creating contrasts in device vendors’ performances market by market.

New LTE devices to shake up smartphone market

The Nokia Lumia 900 and Sony Xperia S

Sony, Nokia and Huawei have each announced new handsets at CES in Las Vegas, as competition in the smartphone market hots up.

Sony Ericsson launches own Android Market channel

Sony Ericsson has launched its own Android Market channel

Sony Ericsson has launched its own channel on the Android Market. The handset maker claims that it is the first manufacturer to offer such a service, which will be operator-dependent. Owners of Sony Ericsson handsets will now see the “my apps” feature on their Android phone replaced with the Sony Ericsson channel, although they will still be able to access “my apps” from the phone’s menu. While this last change may cause consternation among some users, Xperia users may find direct access to software geared specifically towards them handy

Sony Ericsson awakens Android unit

The X10 will run Android

Sony Ericsson on Tuesday showed off its first handset to be powered by the Google-backed Android mobile operating system.

Sony Ericsson Xperia due out this month

Mobile handset manufacturer Sony Ericsson said Wednesday that its first Microsoft Windows Mobile-based device will debut at the end of September. The Xperia X1, which was first unveiled at World Congress in February, will hit shelves in the UK, Germany and Sweden on September 30. It is the first Sony Ericsson device to use Windows [...]