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Windows chief leaves Microsoft

Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 OS has a new wallet feature and supports NFC

US software giant Microsoft has announced the immediate departure of Steven Sinofsky, head of its flagship Windows and Windows Live operations. The move came just a few weeks after the launch of the company’s next generation software platform, Windows 8, which spans both desktop and mobile devices.

Windows 8: goodbye personal computers, welcome personalised computing

Windows 8 supports touchscreen, as well as keyboard and mouse input methods

Informa’s early estimates predict that, by the end of 2014, more than 70 per cent of users will be on Microsoft Windows 8 and 36 per cent will use new hardware supporting touchscreen functionality.

Microsoft debuts Windows Phone 8


Microsoft has unveiled its latest operating system for mobile handsets, Windows Phone 8. The announcement was made in the same week as the firm launched its Surface tablet device, which runs on the Windows 8 operating system for PCs and tablets.

Does Windows 8 give Intel an edge?

Windows 8

Late last week, Microsoft was busy showing off a preview of its forthcoming flagship, cross-platform Windows 8 operating system – a development that will have an impact on Nokia, Intel and ARM.

Windows 8 winning support from mobile chipset designers

A variety of chips will be made available for Microsoft Windows 8

US chipset manufacturer Qualcomm has confirmed full support for Microsoft Windows 8 PCs and smartphones based on its next generation Snapdragon family of processors. The move is of interest as it marks the arrival of an OS designed to span both the PC and mobile device form factors and Qualcomm’s foray into the same area.