FCC moves to beef up US wifi

Wifi problems due to baby monitors, audio video kit

US regulator the Federal Communications Commission voted Monday to free up more spectrum for wifi usage in a bid to help nudge the capabilities of typical installations of the technology over the 1Gbps mark.

Driving revenues over wifi: Devicescape


David Fraser, CEO of Devicescape talks to Telecoms.com at MWC2014 about the opportunities for network operators to drive revenues over wifi networks. Devicescape operators a global, curated wifi network over which operators can push their services.

RoI greatest challenge to operator wifi, says survey


Despite the range of recognised benefits available to mobile operators through wifi provisioning, there are clear concerns that the economics might not stack up. When respondents to the Telecoms.com Intelligence Industry Survey 2014 were asked to rank challenges that operators might face in deploying their own wifi networks, return on investment was considered as the most serious obstacle by far. A total of 53.3 per cent of respondents ranked RoI six or seven out of seven in terms of seriousness (with seven being the most serious), with that number rising to almost 57 per cent among operators.

Students set out to transform management of dense wifi networks

Researchers at Stanford University are working on a project that aims to improve the way users access wifi networks in their homes and enterprises

Students at US educational institution Stanford University are working on a research project that aims to improve the way users access wifi networks in their homes and enterprises.

Devicescape CVN grows to 20 million wifi hotspots

Wifi problems due to baby monitors, audio video kit

Wifi offload specialist Devicescape has announced that its Curated Virtual Network (CVN) of amenity wifi hotspots has grown 82 per cent year on year to surpass 20 million hotspots worldwide. The firm added that it is on track for that figure to grow to 100 million hotspots by the end of 2017.

Fon raises $14m funding from investors

Fon has announced that it has attracted $14m in funding from a range of investors

Wifi hotspot provider Fon has announced that it has attracted $14m in funding from several investors. It would not disclose how much each investor contributed but said that chip maker Qualcomm contributed the largest share of the total. Tech giant Google and European operator group Deutsche Telekom also contributed to the funding, along with venture capital firms Index Ventures, Coral and Atomico.

Enhanced carrier wifi reduces churn, improve loyalty

Edgar Figueroa, president and CEO at The Wifi Alliance

The majority of consumers (74 per cent) in France, Germany, Sweden and the UK are willing to switch service providers in order to gain access to seamless wifi discovery and authentication features, according to research published Tuesday. Moreover, 91 per cent said they would be more loyal to a current service provider that offered a service which incorporated these features.

EE says LTE users are spurning wifi

EE's LTE network is lessening the firm's dependence on wifi offload

UK LTE pioneer EE has revealed that use of public and private wifi connections is dropping among its LTE subscription base. In a survey of its LTE customer base, EE found that 43 per cent were using “fewer or no public wifi hotspots” since moving to the technology.

Ofcom consults telcos on wifi availability on 5GHz spectrum band

Ofcom is undertaking a consultation with telcos and other stakeholders over the use of the 5GHz spectrum band for wifi services

UK telecoms regulator Ofcom is undertaking a consultation with telcos and other stakeholders over the use of the 5GHz spectrum band for wifi services. The regulator said it is looking to develop a better understanding of the role that shared spectrum access could play in the mobile broadband and M2M sectors alongside cleared spectrum bands.

The challenge of enterprise wireless connectivity

The mobile workforce is fast becoming a reality

Enterprise clients typically represent the subscriber group with the highest value for mobile operators. Mobile operators typically have whole departments dealing with large enterprise customers, but so far they have paid limited attention to the most important need of the mobile workforce: excellent mobile coverage in the office. This has been a reason for enterprise clients churning, especially when fierce competition allows competitors to offer better levels of service.

But this is now changing and enterprise specific technologies are evolving as the need to retain these high value customers becomes stronger.

Arqiva extends wifi advertising presence

UK-based telecoms and broadcast infrastructure firm Arqiva has acquired location based media firm Selective Media, which provides targeted advertising campaigns over Arqiva’s wifi network.

Interview: Implementing stadium wifi at Liverpool FC

Liverpool FC has deployed a wifi network in the Centenary Stand of its Anfield stadium

Telecoms.com talks to Andrew Robinson, head of digital media and tech at Liverpool Football Club about the decision to make wifi connectivity available to fans in its its Centenary stand and the revenue benefits that the club expects to derive from the installation.

Deutsche Telekom aims to cover Germany with wifi

Deutsche Telekom is rolling out what it says will be Germany’s largest ever wifi network

Operator group Deutsche Telekom is rolling out what it claims will be Germany’s largest ever wifi network. The offering will be launched in the summer of 2013.

Director, Product Marketing, Etisalat: “FTTH is necessary for businesses and consumers”

Maen Haddad, Director/Product Marketing, Etisalat

Ahead of the Broadband MEA 2013 conference, taking place on the 19th-20th March 2013 at the JW Marriott Marquis Hotel, Dubai, UAE, Dubai, UAE, we speak to Maen Haddad, Director/Product Marketing, Etisalat on the latest broadband developments in the region and his views on issues such as piracy and FTTH deployment.

KPN signs wifi deal with Fon

Alex Puregger, COO and director of the board for Fon

Dutch incumbent operator KPN has announced a partnership with wifi network provider Fon that it says will give KPN customers access to more than 1,500 hotspots in the Netherlands and a further seven million worldwide.

CTO, Zain: “Data growth is the biggest challenge in today’s market”

Yousef Abu Mutawe, CTO, Zain

Yousef Abu Mutawe, CTO, Zain, is delivering the opening keynote on Day Two of the Broadband MEA 2013 conference, taking place on the 19th-20th March 2013 at the JW Marriott Marquis Hotel, Dubai, UAE, Dubai, UAE. Ahead of the show we learn about Zain’s activities in the past year, why wifi offload is crucial for it and of which technologies it is making use.

Why wifi is enough for most Christmas iPad shoppers

Apple's next devices are likely to support 802.11ac wifi, according to Xirrus' Correll

They sold out of wifi-enabled iPad mini tablets at 8.30am this morning at the flagship Apple store in Regent Street, London. It has been a similar story every day this week. The nice Apple lady in the shop told me that the queues were now starting at around 6.00am.

Windows Phone 8 users get free wifi

Devicescape aims to cut data costs

US software firm Microsoft has given Windows Phone 8 users access to a sizeable global wifi network intended to improve the user experience and rein in data costs.

Wifi roaming: The poor relation to GSM makes a comeback

Having worked in the telecoms industry for longer than I care to remember I have been privy to much of the hype that has surrounded technologies, services and platforms. My personal favourite was the marketing image constructed around WAP – particularly the high tech individuals surfing the WAP-powered internet. This fantasy, seen in multiple campaigns, was particularly deceptive when the actual experience of using WAP was more like watching a glacier melting.

iPhone 5 fails to connect users to wifi

Apple's iPhone 5

More flaws have appeared in Apple’s iPhone 5 as the device has been failing to connect some US users to their wifi network and instead forcing them to use their monthly allowance of cellular data. Users have been unknowingly surpassing their data limits due to the fault.