HP to end webOS cloud services in January

HP's webOS cloud services are no more

Hewlett-Packard has confirmed that it will be ceasing support of its faltering webOS cloud services platform in January. In an official statement on the webOS website, HP cited declining user numbers as the primary motive behind the decision. webOS was acquired by HP as part of the $1.2 billion purchase of Palm in 2010, and [...]

HP hires MeeGo chief to develop consumer tablets

There’s clearly a leak at HP with another internal memo hitting the wires on Tuesday morning, revealing the company’s plans to resurrect its interest in the mobility space. The memo outlines the creation of HP Mobility, a business unit that will focus on the creation of “consumer tablets”.

It’s alive! WebOS to be spun out of HP

WebOS is alive. It's alive!

By the end of 2011, second string mobile device OS webOS, acquired by HP as part of the $1.2bn purchase of Palm in 2010, was considered dead. But a leak from the US firm this week has revealed that webOS is still alive and is being spun out of its troubled parent with an application framework and cloud offerings for company.

HP chief faces axe, as does WebOS

Tough times for Leo Apotheker

Leo Apotheker, CEO of struggling computer firm HP, may face the axe later on Thursday, as the company board meets to discuss his possible replacement. The flurry of rumours, which follows a year of strategic u-turns and missed forecasts, now points to Apotheker’s departure, just as the ill fated webOS project takes another blow.

HP kills mobile devices, buys Autonomy

HP's webOS devices are no more

Software and PC giant HP has unexpectedly killed off its poorly performing webOS mobile devices and announced its exit from the hardware space altogether. Instead the firm will focus on software and services with an eye on cloud computing through the $10bn acquisition of Autonomy.

HP to use cloud as driver for webOS PCs, printers, phones

HP has the potential to deliver 100 million webOS-enabled devices a year into the marketplace

Leo Apotheker, the head honcho of Palm owner HP, has expanded on his plans to push the webOS platform by pre-installing it on every PC the vendor ships and cloud-enabling the company’s strategy.

HP to put webOS on every PC it ships

From 2012, the webOS operating system will be installed on every PC HP ships

Perhaps Palm’s webOS software platform shouldn’t be discounted just yet. Disruptive HP CEO Leo Apotheker raised eyebrows this week with news of a plan to stick the underdog OS on millions of PCs from next year.

HP to refocus on organic development

New CEO Leo Apotheker has vowed to increase HP's organic development initiatives

HP’s newly installed CEO, Leo Apotheker, has taken a “brave new approach” with the company, which this week posted a five per cent increase in earnings year on year. Whereas former CEO Mark Hurd made HP an efficient technology company by reducing the cost of doing business as well as R&D spend, Apotheker has vowed to increase organic development initiatives.

Palm webOS 2.0 on the way

The latest version of the operating system will debut on the Palm Pre 2 smartphone, which will launch in October

HP, the owner of handset manufacturer Palm, has announced the most significant update to the webOS platform since its launch in 2009 – webOS 2.0. The latest version of the operating system will debut on the Palm Pre 2 smartphone, which will launch this week.

HP reveals tablet plans

HP has filed a trademark application for the term ‘PalmPad’ in the US

The new owner of Palm has plans to break into the tablet market in the near future with a device that may well be called the ‘PalmPad’.

HP to develop webOS tablets, netbooks, phones

HP to develop Palm webOS tablets, netbooks, phones

US manufacturer HP has revealed plans to develop smartphone, netbook and tablet devices based on the recently acquired Palm webOS platform.

HP to buy Palm, invest in webOS

HP to buy Palm for $1.2bn, invest in webOS

PC giant HP has emerged as Palm’s saving grace, agreeing to pick up the struggling handset vendor for $1.2bn in cash.

Palm opens developer programme up to Europe

Palm opens developer programme up to Europe

Lagging behind its smartphone peers somewhat in terms of app availability, US vendor Palm has announced the expansion of its webOS developer programme to Europe.

RIM packs widgets; Palm opens developer programme

Developers get new tools from RIM and Palm

Canadian device manufacturer Research In Motion (RIM) on Tuesday showed off its BlackBerry Widget Software Development Kit (SDK) – a suite of tools allowing third party application developers to build rich, web-based applications for BlackBerry handsets.

Palm still in red despite strong sales of Pre

Palm is claiming strong sales of the Pre

Struggling handset vendor Palm has reported heavy losses for the quarter ended August 28, 2009, despite claiming strong sales of its flagship Pre device.

Palm offers glimpse of Pixi

The Pixi will launch on Sprint's 3G network

Troubled handset manufacturer Palm has lifted the curtain on its second device based on the webOS platform, simultaneously slashing the price of its flagship Pre device.

Palm opens up web-enabled gadget platform

Palm opens up webOS

US gadget vendor Palm is pushing ahead with its own vision of the future, extending the developer program for its forthcoming webOS device platform.

Palm unveils web-enabled gadget platform

US handset manufacturer Palm attempted to catch up with the leading lights of the mobile world on Friday with the unveiling of its own web-enabled platform, and an accompanying gadget. Jumping on the cloud computing bandwagon, Palm webOS allows consumers to pull their contact, calendars and personal information down from the internet on any device, [...]