European Commission deregulates fixed line markets

European Commission "cutting red tape"

The European Commission has confirmed that two fixed line markets will no longer be subject to regulation in Europe. The retail market for access to fixed telephony, and the wholesale market for fixed call origination will no longer be affected by price caps.

Today’s pricing in mobile and fixed-line networks is toxic

Toxic pricing can be a waste of profit

Revenue and profit sources of mobile and fixed-line network providers are under much more pressure than originally thought. Users are radically changing their behaviour, over-the-top (OTT) offers are highly competitive, and, most of all, non-future proof toxic price models are in place.

BICS opens up IPX to HD voice, VoLTE

BICS is opening up its exchange to next gen voice

Belgacom-owned interconnect specialist BICS this week said its platform is now enabling next generation voice services such as HD voice and VoLTE to end users.

VoLTE: Changing the Conversation

Voice is a 130 year old product that has seen little innovation in its lifespan

The story of LTE may be all about data, but voice remains a lucrative, core service for mobile operators. Bringing voice services to LTE is far from straightforward, with numerous choices to be made and challenges faced.

European telco priorities surprisingly focused

Hutchison to take emerging markets operation HTIL private

We recently conducted an exercise looking very closely at the major strategic initiatives that have been implemented by the European telco community. It was a fascinating exercise that revealed a perhaps surprising level of consensus amongst all major European telcos. Whilst the tactics in reaching the goals may vary, our analysis showed the long-term strategic priorities are shared and fall into four very clear and focused aims.

Mobile operators may look to exit voice business, says consultancy

Voice may become the preserve of online service providers

The provision of data access is now the most important part of a mobile operator’s business and some may decide in the future that offering voice services does not make economic sense. So says industry consultancy Northstream in a recently released white paper.