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Bill Morrow hired to improve fortunes at VHA

Bill Morrow has rejoined Vodafone, in Australia

VHA, the joint venture which operates the Vodafone and 3 brands in the Australian market, has announced the recruitment of Bill Morrow as CEO, replacing Nigel Dews. Morrow is a Vodafone veteran, having previously led the firm’s operations in the UK, Europe and Japan. Morrow’s most recent telecoms industry post was as CEO of US WiMAX player Clearwire, from which he resigned citing personal reasons in March last year.

More LTE spectrum rolls in for Vodafone Australia

VHA has agreed a deal with the state railway authorities to create to create contiguous blocks of 1800MHz spectrum for LTE

Vodafone Hutchison Australia has bolstered its 1800MHz spectrum holding with an eye on future LTE roll-outs, following a deal with state rail authorities. The operator has said that an agreement between itself and the Australasian Railway Association (ARA), which holds the licenses to the 1800MHZ spectrum, to create contiguous blocks of spectrum in New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia, had been approved by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA).

Steve Jobs: The boy named Sue


To a man with an iHammer, everything looks like an iNail, as the Informer’s great friend Mark Twain once said. And just to prove the old man right, the powers-that-be at Cupertino are suing Samsung, HTC, Mother Theresa, Adam and Eve and growers of mostly green, rather tasty pieces of fruit for infringing on its intellectual property. Gwyneth Paltrow’s daughter, who wouldn’t have been able to attend legal proceedings in person as she couldn’t get the time off from kindergarten, settled out of court.

VHA’s network outage woes continue

Vodafone Australia's SMS coverage skipped a few beats on Easter Sunday

Vodafone Australia’s coverage troubles look set to deepen, with a proposed class action lawsuit against the telco for poor service gaining ground in the country. When first suggested at the beginning of this year, about 9,000 claimants expressed interest; that number has more than doubled to 22,000 in the past three months.

VHA eyeing the fixed-broadband market?

Is Vodafone Australia about to offer commercial fixed-broadband services?

Vodafone Hutchison Australia CEO Nigel Dews revealed the wireless carrier’s intended participation in trials with the semi-state National Broadband Network (NBN) at a financial results press conference on Thursday.

VHA to replace network with Huawei kit

Vodafone CEO Nigel Dews

Vodafone Hutchison Australia (VHA) has announced plans to rip and replace its entire network of 2G and 3G base station equipment following months of customer complaints about the quality of its service. The complete overhaul will see 2G equipment at every one of VHA’s 8,000 mobile base stations replaced with Huawei 3G kit, promising customers speeds of up to 42 Mbps while improving coverage.

Telstra and VHA call time on 3G network share

Telstra and VHA have decided to go their separate ways

Australian carrier Telstra announced Thursday that it is to end the 3G network sharing arrangement it has with Vodafone Hutchison Australia in 2012. The news comes days after Telstra CTO Hugh Bradlow denounced network sharing as uncompetitive and “a race to the bottom”.

Apple escapes Australian two-year warranty commitment

The Apple iPhone is not covered by the agreement

Australian carrier Telstra has agreed to offer warranties on all handsets that match the length of the contract to which the handset is attached. But the Apple iPhone is not covered by the agreement, raising concern at the Australian competition authorities.