Viettel lights up Mozambique with fibre and mobile

Viettel is seeking more African opportunities

Vietnamese carrier Viettel has expanded beyond Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, this week lighting up its first operation in Africa – a mobile network in Mozambique.

You will come into some money…

The Informer received an email this week from a man called Russell Grant who, for those of you not from these shores, is a has-been British TV psychic. A chubby, beaming, clammy kind of chap in ruffled paisley shirts, Grant was once a stalwart of the kind of daytime television that requires its viewers to be devout consumers of prescription drugs designed to desensitise the patient to the pain of modern life.

Hutch rocks Hanoi with GSM network launch

Hutch rocks Hanoi

Emerging markets spin off Hutchison Telecommunications International (HTIL) said Wednesday that it will launch its GSM network in Vietnam on Thursday, April 9.