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Skype introduces cross-platform video calling

Skype has launched a cross-platform video calling service

Skype has upped its game in the mobile market, with the announcement of a “killer ability” that has long been waited for: cross platform video calling.

Users of Skype’s Android app will finally be able to make video calls, not only to other Android users but also to iPhones, laptops and PCs from their smartphones.

Microsoft granted patent to ‘silently record’ web-based voice and video comms

Microsoft will be able to silently record web-based communications, including Skype

Microsoft has been granted a patent for a technology that will allow it to listen in on web-based communications such as video and voice calls – including those made on its recently acquired Skype service.

Microsoft’s Skype deal gets the go-ahead

Microsoft's bid for Skype has been approved by US authorities

Microsoft’s bid for Skype has received the go-ahead from American anti-trust regulators, following an “early termination” of a review into the proposed sale. Under America’s Hart-Scott-Rodinho (HSR) Act, certain types of large mergers and acquisitions deals must be submitted for review by the government.

Google wants real-time comms in the browser

Google has announced the open sourcing of its WebRTC framework for real time browser-based video and audio communications. The technology, which Google acquired when it bought Global IP Solutions last year, has been released under a royalty-free BSD license.

Tablets to help carriers regain ground in the enterprise market

Tablet devices could help carriers regain ground in the enterprise market

The boom in popularity of tablets represents an opportunity for carriers to trawl back some ground in the enterprise markets, according to John Giere, SVP at Openwave. Giere told that the tablet market is shaking up the enterprise space far more than it will the consumer one – at least in the US.

Fring takes iPhone video calling cellular

Fring said its latest app brings two way video calling to the iPhone 4 over the cellular 3G network as well as wifi

Apple set itself a real challenge with the iPhone 4, by making video calling – the great white elephant of 3G – one of the device’s main advertising points. And if FaceTime, as Apple rebranded it, isn’t crippled by history, it is certainly challenged by the fact that it only works over wifi. Until now that is, but it’s not Apple that has brought video calling to the cellular networks.