Danger over as silver lining found in Sidekick snafu

The silver lining?

Good news for T-Mobile Sidekick users on Friday, as service provider Danger, a subsidiary of Microsoft, announced the recovery of user data thought irretrievably lost.

AT&T allows cellular VoIP apps on iPhone

AT&T will allow iPhone apps to run VoIP over cellular

US mobile operator AT&T Wireless must be feeling the need to be more open. Not only has it recently enabled MMS on its network, but this week it allowed previously outlawed VoIP apps to run on the iPhone.

FCC chief throws weight behind net neutrality

Net neutrality is a hotly debated and controversial issue

The chairman of US communications authority the FCC on Monday vocalised his support for net neutrality as a way of preserving the free and open internet.

MetroPCS commits to LTE

MetroPCS has announced plans to migrate to LTE for its 4G strategy

The final nail may have already been thought to have gone into the coffin of CDMA, but it looks like there are more to come as US-based CDMA operator MetroPCS joins the throng of those moving to LTE.

US mobile market consolidation looming large

More mergers ahead?

The likelihood of consolidation among US mobile operators is increasing as smaller carriers struggle to find success with revamped pricing schemes and product positioning strategies.

Verizon makes LTE data call

Verizon makes LTE data call

US carrier Verizon Wireless said Friday that it has completed its first successful LTE data calls in Boston and Seattle using the 3GPP Release 8 standard in the 700MHz spectrum.

Sprint to roll out WiMAX in 17 more markets

Sprint to roll out WiMAX in 17 more markets

US carrier and WiMAX pin up Sprint has announced plans to expand its wireless broadband operations into 17 new markets.

Samsung unveils handset made of corn

Green Giant the Reclaim is partly made of corn

Korean handset vendor Samsung introduced a cheap, eco-friendly, full featured mobile phone on Friday, made partly out of corn.

Sprint buys out Virgin’s US MVNO business

Sprint buys out Virgin’s US MVNO business

US mobile virtual network operator Virgin Mobile USA is to be acquired by network partner Sprint Nextel for around $483m.

Verizon, Qualcomm see future in machine to machine

The robots are coming, says Verizon

US mobile operator Verizon Wireless has teamed up with chip shop Qualcomm to form a joint venture focused on machine to machine (M2M) communications and ‘smart services’.

Verizon to cut 8,000 more jobs as profits slide

Verizon to cut 8,000 jobs in wireline

US carrier Verizon is to slash a further 8,000 positions in the face of falling profits and pressures in the fixed line market.

Sprint taps Ericsson in $5bn managed services deal

Sprint outsources network management to Ericsson

US carrier Sprint said Thursday it has tapped Swedish vendor Ericsson in a network management deal worth between $4.5bn and $5bn.

XG field testing WiMAX, LTE rival tech.

XG field testing WiMAX, LTE rival tech.

Secretive US startup XG Technology is still pitching its wares, claiming this week that it is field testing its obscure wireless broadband platform.

Comcast launches WiMAX service over Clearwire

Comcast launches WiMAX service

US cable carrier Comcast, one of the backers of WiMAX operation Clearwire, has announced plans to launch its own wireless broadband service under the High-Speed 2go brand.

T-Mobile USA investigating network hack claims

T-Mobile hacked?

Wireless operator T-Mobile USA is investigating claims that a hacker or hackers has gained access to the company’s network, including customer data, call logs, user info and confidential databases.

AT&T confirms LTE rollout for 2011, upgrades to HSPA

AT&T confirms LTE rollout for 2011

US carrier AT&T has announced plans to upgrade its 3G network with High Speed Packet Access (HSPA) 7.2, as it paves the way for a roll out of LTE in 2011.

Disney’s arrival won’t open the content floodgates for Hulu

Disney’s entrance last month into the Hulu fold marked another milestone in the young online-video service’s short history. The implications of the deal, which will see Disney TV shows and movies appear on Hulu for the first time, are serious and far-reaching. But the most obvious is that three of the four major US networks are now part of the service. If there were any lingering doubts that Hulu deserves its seat at the head table of US TV, they are now gone.

Palm Pre to land June 6

Palm Pre to land June 6

The Palm Pre, the secret weapon of US carrier Sprint Nextel and struggling handset vendor Palm is set to hit shelves on June 6.

Verizon offloads fixed line assets to Frontier

Verizon offloads fixed line assets to Frontier

US operator Verizon said Wednesday that it has struck a deal to offload its fixed line operations serving rural areas to local rival Frontier Communications.

T-Mobile USA unleashes 3G modem

T-Mo unleashes 3G modem

Now that T-Mobile USA has finally got reasonable coverage on its 3G network, the company is ready to push usage with the launch of its first 3G modem.