Verizon favours Android for tablet device

Verizon Wireless is collaborating with Google on the development of an Android-based tablet

By Thursday morning the internet was abuzz with speculation that US carrier Verizon Wireless is collaborating with Google on the development of an iPad rival.

Droid goes Incredible

The HTC Droid Incredible

HTC continues to fly the flag for Android, this time with a CDMA2000 1xEV-DO handset designed for the Verizon Wireless network in the US.

FCC has teeth pulled in net neutrality debate

FCC has teeth pulled in net neutrality debate

The ongoing dispute over net neutrality was dealt a serious blow this week as a US federal court ruled that the FCC does not have the authority to force all service providers to treat internet traffic the same.

Sprint: “Put us down for the Nexus One too”

Sprint to get Google-branded Nexus One

Not to be outdone by the announcement that North American operators AT&T and Rogers (and Bell and Telus) will be getting the Google-branded Nexus One, US carrier Sprint has revealed similar plans.

Sprint signs four new MVNOs

Sprint signs four new MVNOs in the US

Could the vim be coming back to the US MVNO market? Sprint’s on a roll at the moment having singed four virtual network operator contracts in the six months since it launched a turnkey MVNO package.

Skype makes quick exit from US Ovi Store

Skype makes quick exit from US Ovi Store

Internet telephony player Skype has demonstrated the importance of its newfound relationship with Verizon Wireless, by pulling the Symbian version of its VoIP app from the US Ovi Store.

Verizon cosies up to Skype

Verizon cosies up to Skype

Internet telephony provider Skype and US carrier Verizon Wireless have joined forces to create a global mobile calling community.

Ericsson wins AT&T LTE deal

Ericsson wins LTE contract with AT&T

Swedish kit vendor Ericsson is to be a key supplier of LTE infrastructure to US carrier AT&T, with commercial deployments scheduled to take place in 2011.

Verizon to cut 13,000 fixed line workers

Verizon to cut 13,000 fixed line workers

US carrier Verizon Communications announced plans to cut a further 13,000 fixed line staff this year, as operating income for the fourth quarter of 2009 dropped 11.5 per cent year on year.

Palm overhauls Pre, Pixi with hotspot feature

The Palm Pre Plus

This mobile broadband hotspot idea continues to take the operator world by storm, with US carrier Verizon Wireless also getting in on the action this week.

Sprint switches into Overdrive

The Sprint Overdrive mobile broadband hotspot

There seems to be a growing interest in mobile broadband hotspots, in the operator community at least, which may seem a little strange given the recent noise about femtocells and moving traffic off the macro network.

AT&T to face down net neutrality with per-megabyte pricing

AT&T Mobility’s consideration of usage-based pricing for its mobile broadband network lays the groundwork for billing changes that could be induced if regulators force it to comply with any net-neutrality rules.

WiMAX helps to close digital divide in US

WiMAX helps to close digital divide in US

WiMAX related proposals accounted for one quarter of the applications for broadband stimulus funds in the US, to be made available by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) and the Department of Agriculture.

WiMAX not dead: Clearwire scores $920m more in funding

Clearwire scores $920m more in funding

US WiMAX pin up Clearwire said this week it has secured an additional $920m in debt financing, which in addition to the recently announced $1.56bn in financing gives it $1.85bn to further expand its network.

Droid may save Motorola

Droid may save Motorola

Motorola’s big bet on the Android-powered Droid device may just pay off and help the reinvented company turn its fortunes around.

Motorola Droid lands on Earth

The Droid runs Android 2.0

Struggling handset vendor Motorola put an end to the rumours on Wednesday, finally releasing more information on its Droid device – its first such handset to run Android 2.0.

Verizon pitching Motorola handset against iPhone?

Never mind what Droid does, what will Droid be?

Perhaps a brave move on the part of US carrier Verizon Wireless, which appears to be setting Motorola’s second Android-based handset to go toe-to-toe with the iPhone.

Danger over as silver lining found in Sidekick snafu

The silver lining?

Good news for T-Mobile Sidekick users on Friday, as service provider Danger, a subsidiary of Microsoft, announced the recovery of user data thought irretrievably lost.

AT&T allows cellular VoIP apps on iPhone

AT&T will allow iPhone apps to run VoIP over cellular

US mobile operator AT&T Wireless must be feeling the need to be more open. Not only has it recently enabled MMS on its network, but this week it allowed previously outlawed VoIP apps to run on the iPhone.

FCC chief throws weight behind net neutrality

Net neutrality is a hotly debated and controversial issue

The chairman of US communications authority the FCC on Monday vocalised his support for net neutrality as a way of preserving the free and open internet.