Telenor appoints Uninor CEO

Morten Karlsen Sørby has been named CEO at Uninor

Norwegian group Telenor has named a CEO for its Indian subsidiary Uninor following the resignation of former CEO Yogesh Malik in November last year.

Uninor CEO resigns

Yogesh Malik has resigned as Uninor CEO

The CEO at Indian operator Uninor Yogesh Malik has resigned from his position citing personal reasons. Sigve Brekke, currently head of majority owner Telenor Group’s Asia operations, will also act interim CEO while the firm seeks Malik’s successor.

Telenor cuts its losses in Mumbai

Telenor did not bid for spectrum in Mumbai in the November 2012 when the 2G licences were reauctioned

Norwegian operator group Telenor will cease operating in Mumbai, after being told by India’s Supreme Court to shut down its operations in the city. The operator’s Indian subsidiary, Uninor, will lose around 1.84 million customers as a result.

Telenor to bid for Indian licences

Telenor is looking to start again in India, after settling disputes regarding its failed JV Uninor

Norwegian operator Telenor has announced its intent to bid for 2G spectrum licences in India, after settling its dispute with its former partner in the market, Unitech. Telewings Communication Services, a firm fully owned by Telenor, has submitted an application to India’s Department of Telecoms. It is looking to bid for spectrum in the 1800MHz band.

Telenor settles Unitech dispute

Telenor has ended its long running saga with Indian firm Unitech

Norwegian operator group Telenor has reached an agreement with Indian partner Unitech to settle all disputes regarding their failed joint venture in India, Uninor. Unitech has agreed to dispose of its shareholding in Uninor for a nominal amount.

Telenor must continue JV to stay in India, rules court


A court in India has ruled that Norwegian operator group Telenor may only bid for spectrum in the country’s upcoming 2G auction if it does so as part of its joint venture with Indian real estate firm Unitech. The auction is now set to be held in January 2013, after the Supreme Court of India granted the government another deadline extension.

India warns of 2G auction delay; Telenor nears exit

Telenor closes in on its exit from India, while the government reveals more about the upcoming 2G spectrum auction

India’s Cabinet has approved a reduced reserve price for the country’s planned 2G spectrum auction, which will reallocate the licences that were cancelled in February this year. But telecoms minister Kapil Sibal has told the Supreme Court that the proposed August 31 deadline for the spectrum auction is still not likely to be met.

Telenor attempts to auction off Indian business

India flag

Nordic operator Telenor is attempting to auction off its business in India, as it seeks to cut ties with its JV partner Unitech. The operator owns 67 per cent of Uninor, with the remaining stake owned by Indian real estate firm Unitech. In February this year, the JV lost the 2G licences it won in the country’s 2008 spectrum auction after India’s Supreme Court cancelled the licenses amid allegations of corruption.

Operators told to reinstate Indian services until cancellation date

India's regulator has told operators to continue offering services until the official cancellation date

Despite already having closed their services in India, announcing that they will cease doing business in the country and notifying their subscribers to move to a different network, operators S Tel and Etisalat have been told by India’s telecoms regulator that they must continue offering services until the license cancellation date. Loop Telecom has also announced that it will be exiting the market but must continue offering services until June 2, 2012.

India and the Spectrum Scandal

BSNL is locked in disputes with operators and has refused to comply with telecoms authorities

India’s 2G spectrum scandal has cast a cloud over the country’s telecoms sector so dark that former Telecoms minister Andimuthu Raja is said to feel safer in prison than he does walking down the street. He has been sat in a cell for over a year, refusing to post bail and stands accused of taking bribes to sell spectrum to firms at discounted rates.

“We will do everything we can to stay in India,” says Telenor

Telenor wants to stay in India, despite having its 2G licences revoked

Nordic operator group Telenor has said that it will do what it can to keep Indian subsidiary Uninor operating in the country. Last week, the Supreme Court of India cancelled 122 telecoms licences that were awarded in a 2008 spectrum sale, citing corruption in the sales process of the licences.