Transmode: Fibre seeing strong adoption


Sten Nordell, Chief Technical Officer at Transmode, talks to at Broadband World Forum 2013, about the
marrying of optical and ethernet taking place on a much broader level in most networks Transmode deploys in today.

Pre-staging reduces network rollout time by 50%, says Transmode

Pre-staging reduces network rollout time by 50%, says Transmode

Packet optical networking specialist Transmode on Wednesday unveiled a pre-staging service for network deployment that is designed to reduce the time it takes to push a new network live.

Getting backhaul in sync


Karl Thedéen, Chief Executive Officer, Transmode, spoke to at Broadband World Forum in Amsterdam. He sees mobile backhaul as one of the hottest areas in the market at present and said his company is having many conversations around developments in ethernet and synochronisation capabilities for mobile backhaul as well as SDH migration.

Next generation partnerships


Karl Thedeen, CEO of Transmode and Bjørn Netland, Director of Technology for Broadband Networks at Telenor Group, talk to at the Broadband World Forum about their partnership to build a next generation network.