Vodafone CEO calls for end of “free-ism”

Vittorio Colao said that the end of the culture of “free-ism” was approaching and data pricing had to adjust accordingly

UK-based mobile operator Vodafone was one of the earliest providers to call an end to the all you can eat data buffet and CEO Vittorio Colao believes more tiers are on the way.

Tiered services are a step backward

Telekom Austria looks to LTE to divert data flood

The dominoes are beginning to tumble. The move toward tiered pricing for mobile data services started by AT&T is spreading, with the news that O2 UK is also abandoning flat-rate subscriptions in favor of tiered services, and more are bound to follow. However, in an age and an industry in which the new focus is on what customers want, rather than what their service providers think they want, it seems incongruous for operators to offer services based on their own needs rather than those of their customers.

Tiers start flowing at O2 UK

O2 has switched off the unlimited data tap

The floodgates have opened, as UK carrier O2 becomes the latest operator to put an end to all you can eat data. New and upgrading smartphone users will be affected, making the move rather timely in light of the imminent launch of the iPhone 4.