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Big Data: Store first, ask questions later

Juergen Urbanski

Last month, German service provider Deutsche Telekom embraced Big Data wholeheartedly, forging a collaboration with Apache Hadoop specialist integrator Cloudera, in order to deliver cloud-based, big data analytics as a service.

Hadoop, an Apache-developed open source software framework, is causing a stir by making compute and analytics processes on very large amounts of data, possible and even relatively simple.

Telco Cloud: The Trojan Buffalo


The telco as buffalo is an appealing image. On the one hand buffalo can be quick for their size, extremely strong, dangerous in a fight and difficult to bring down—especially when they’ve got momentum. But they are also short sighted, easily spooked and exhibit the definitive herd mentality—particularly when they sense a threat.

Ahead in the cloud

Juergen Urbanski

Ahead of his presentation at the Telco Cloud World Forum in London next week, Jeurgen Urbanski, chief technologist for big data and cloud at Deutsche Telekom, talks to about the role of telecoms operators in the cloud ecosystem and the challenges the sector faces.