Unlocking the value of NFV

Virtualizing network functions can help operators be more agile

With NFV, operators have a chance to fight back by creating their own products and services that can be prioritised over OTT applications. Not only will this help generate new revenues, it will also increase brand loyalty as subscribers become accustomed to the greater quality of service they receive from native operator applications.

Network intelligence: The Four Dimensional View

Lyn Cantor

Lyn Cantor, president of Tektronix Communications, talks about the importance of the Telecom Intelligence Provider.

A new business model for the network

The challenge of the ceaseless growth in data usage, is transforming the telecommunications industry. How operators maximise use of data could also significantly change the characteristics of their business.

Tektronix: Scaling up


Lyn Cantor, president of Tektronix Communications, talks to telecoms.com about the key issues facing operators in terms of LTE deployment, particularly the scale of voice, video and data and the delivery of Quality of Service. Cantor gives insight on how to monetise this traffic by leveraging the service experience.

LTE North America Award Preview – Best Network/Device Testing Product for LTE

The LTE North America Awards will take place on the 8 November 2011 at the Fairmont Hotel in Dallas, Texas, USA

Test and Measurement may not be the glitziest aspect of the industry, but it’s an essential part of a networks role to ensure that devices work as expected before they are unleashed onto the networks. Here we bring you a preview of the LTE North America 2011 Awards category that celebrates this dedication to detail: Best Network/Device Testing Product for LTE.