Making the most of the core: Oracle


Doug Suriano, CTO of Tekelec, part of Oracle Communications, talks to Telecoms.com at MWC2014 about innovative data plans operators can offer to customers.

Oracle’s big appetite in mobile

Oracle has a big appetite for mobile

Before the dust settled on its previous acquisition (Acme Packet for $2.1b), Oracle announced it is acquiring North American vendor Tekelec. Oracle started in database systems and is a leading player in this field – even in mobile, it is now growing its infrastructure reach and will surely expand its business in mobile networks.

Oracle targets Tekelec in acquisition spree

The IT and telco worlds are merging

Continuing its telco-centric spending spree, US IT solutions provider Oracle announced on Monday its intention to acquire network signalling and policy control specialist Tekelec.

Tekelec: Designing a digital lifestyle


Doug Suriano, CTO, Tekelec, talks to Telecoms.com at MWC 2013 about operators becoming ‘digital lifestyle providers’ in order to challenge the OTT players and other service providers.

Thinking about networks

Doug Suriano, CTO, Tekelec

Despite stiff competition from OTT providers for subscribers’ spend, operators are uniquely positioned to tailor services to customers’ needs. They can capitalise on this opportunity by introducing network flexibility to become digital lifestyle providers.

Diameter: Managing the surge

Doug Suriano, CTO, Tekelec

In an LTE world, signalling traffic will grow three times faster than mobile data traffic, according to a new study from Tekelec. But CTO Doug Suriano tells Telecoms.com that the Diameter signalling protocol that is designed to deal with this surge remains immature and operators can ill-afford to wait for the standardisation process to catch up to demand.

LTE Awards 2012 – Category 6 Preview: Best LTE Core Network Element

The LTE Awards 2012 are taking place on May 23rd, at the El Xalet, Montjuic, Barcelona.

To whet your appetite for the event here is a preview of Category 6: Best LTE Core Network Element.

This award recognises core network elements that are exceptional in their area.

Life on quality street

Ericsson aims to create a global ecosystem that make sending money person to person as simple as sending an SMS

What’s been interesting about this year’s TM Forum Management World event is the palpable buzz that, far from doom-and-gloom for the carriers, what we’re actually sitting in is the eye of a storm of opportunity, if only carriers shake off their reputation for being built for love rather than speed and start injecting a little agility into their processes.