Nokia wheels out Symbian update for mass market smartphones

Symbian Belle brings smartphones to the mass market

Troubled handset giant Nokia has unveiled the latest flavour of its Symbian operating system, which it will use to attack the mass market smartphone sector. Symbian Belle is the latest in a series of planned software updates, increasing the number of home screens from three to six and enhancing the capabilities of live widgets.

Steve Jobs: The boy named Sue


To a man with an iHammer, everything looks like an iNail, as the Informer’s great friend Mark Twain once said. And just to prove the old man right, the powers-that-be at Cupertino are suing Samsung, HTC, Mother Theresa, Adam and Eve and growers of mostly green, rather tasty pieces of fruit for infringing on its intellectual property. Gwyneth Paltrow’s daughter, who wouldn’t have been able to attend legal proceedings in person as she couldn’t get the time off from kindergarten, settled out of court.

Nokia outsources Symbian development, sheds 4,000 jobs

Nokia will outsource 3,000 jobs and cut 4,000 others

In what appears to be another move to distance itself from Symbian, Nokia on Wednesday announced plans to outsource development of the floundering operating system to consultancy and outsourcing firm Accenture. As part of the process, the Finnish giant will also transition some 3,000 employees to the outsourcing firm.

Nokia’s Ovi store on the up, R&D going down

Nokia's Ovi store and Symbian shipments are going up despite pending R&D cutbacks

Nokia’s Ovi app store has hit the five million downloads a day mark, despite speculation regarding its future since the Finnish manufacturer entered a deal with Microsoft earlier this year. The app store offers more than 40,000 products but many believe it’s unlikely to survive in the context of Nokia’s agreement to ship Windows 7 phones from 2012 onwards. Microsoft has its own app store, Windows Marketplace, and it seems unlikely that the pair can co-exist in an ultra-competitive market.

Nokia says Symbian is no longer open source

Nokia says Symbian is no longer open source

Nokia has announced that its Symbian platform is no longer open source. The news comes less than a year after the now-defunct Symbian Foundation released the first completely open version of the OS, with Nokia saying that its “open and direct” model referred to its business plan rather than the Symbian source code.

Nokia to stick with Symbian – for the time being

Nokia appears to remain committed to Symbian

Despite its February announcement of a partnership deal with Microsoft, Nokia has reiterated its commitment to the Symbian platform. Many interpreted Nokia’s decision to adopt the Windows 7 mobile platform as the end of the road for Symbian; the once dominant platform has been struggling to keep up with Android in the market-share stakes and recently slipped behind it for the first time.

Android overtakes Symbian in smartphone OS rankings

Android's popularity among a range of vendors helped it to its lead

The Google-backed Android operating system overtook Nokia’s Symbian during the fourth quarter of 2010 to become the leading platform in the smartphone segment according to market analyst firm Canalys. Shipments of Android devices reached 32.9 million by Canalys’ estimation, with Symbian trailing on 31.0 million. Symbian’s performance keeps Nokia in first position among the vendors, however, with 28 per cent market share in the top tier, the analyst said.

Should Nokia adopt Microsoft Windows Phone and/or Android sooner rather than later?

Symbian isn’t supposed to compete with iOS and Windows — that will be MeeGo’s job. Instead, Symbian is now firmly aimed at the mid-range market. It must compete against BlackBerry and bada

Will Nokia’s new CEO push the company to adopt a multiple OS strategy? The answer to this question could be revealed on February 11th during Nokia’s Strategy and Financial Briefing.

Nokia brings Symbian in house; Foundation becomes licensing vehicle

Nokia finally accepts the inevitable and brings Symbian in house

The Symbian SEE shows kicked off in Amsterdam on Tuesday and it’s probably quite an interesting event to be at. If only because all the rumours were true: the Foundation will transition into another entity and the Symbian operating system itself will finally be absorbed by Nokia.

Symbian on the rocks as Williams departs

Lee Williams exits the Symbian Foundation

The Symbian Foundation issued a cursory statement late on Tuesday announcing the immediate departure of executive director Lee Williams for personal reasons, fuelling speculation about the future of the organisation.

Nokia N8 available from October 15

The N8 will be available for online order and immediate delivery from October 15 and in store from October 22

Keen to get the message out, Finnish handset giant Nokia said Wednesday that its forthcoming flagship device – the N8 – will be available to purchase in stores on October 22.

Nokia begins shipments of N8

The flagship Symbian^3 device, the N8, has started shipping

Still in damage control mode, Finnish handset giant Nokia assured the world on Thursday that its flagship Symbian^3 device, the N8, has started shipping.

Elop’s Fables


The Informer apologises for starting the third AWIW in a row with tales of Nokia’s woes but by all accounts it’s been a pretty quiet week in the world of telecoms, no doubt drawing further attention to the embattled Finnish vendor. Newly installed Nokia chief Stephen Elop had only been in the captain’s chair a few hours – a chair no doubt still warm from the posterior of his predecessor, OPK – when he had to deal with news of expected delays to the forthcoming N8 handset.

As smartphone users rocket, Android ousts Symbian

Android will become the most popular brand in the mobile OS market and is expected to attract more than half a billion users by 2015

The number of smartphone users worldwide is expected to exceed the one billion mark by 2013, with growth driven by ongoing competition between top tier OEMS and challengers such as Google, RIM, Apple and Microsoft, all of which are racing to create the best possible user experience at lower pricing points.

It’s “keep calm and carry on” with new smartphones at Nokia World

The E7 joins the N8 at the head of Nokia's new smartphone portfolio

Finnish handset vendor Nokia launched a suite of new smartphones at its London Nokia World event on Tuesday, amid the boardroom turmoil that has seen departure announcements for its two most senior executives within days of one another.

Pressure on iOS is rising in the race for smartphone success


The mobile handset OS market has changed greatly in the last three years. The most striking shifts in the OS landscape have occurred in the smartphone segment, where the factors critical to success have changed dramatically. Rather than seeking the traditional phone-centric experience, today’s smartphone user expects a device to not only offer leading hardware and software performance, but to be more customizable than ever before, through a large number of downloadable mobile applications.

Nokia sells modem business, pledges ‘laser focus’ on smartphone segment

Nokia's head of solutions, Anssi Vanjoki

Finnish handset vendor Nokia has sold its wireless modem business to Japanese semiconductor manufacturer Renesas for $200m. The announcement came on the heels of a blog post from Anssi Vanjoki, head of the newly created Solutions unit within Nokia, in which he pledged to launch a fightback that would re-establish Nokia as leader in the smartphone space.

The way that you hold me


You may or may not know, readers, that there is an album that falls into the easy listening musical category by a lady called Robin Avery entitled: ‘The way that you hold me.’ It is described thus: “[The record] is a smooth jazz album that expresses love in many ways, at times adding pop, Caribbean, and R&B flavours.” It sounds like a dreadful prospect and, the Informer can confirm based on a quick online sampler, lives down to all expectations.

Stars in their eyes


The difference between Apple and Samsung launching a new device is that when Apple does it, the handset is the star. When Samsung does it, it needs to hire in the stars to promote its new wares.

Nokia shows off first open source Symbian handset

The Nokia N8 is the first open source Symbian handset

The first device based on the fully open source version of Symbian emerged from Nokia’s development facilities this week.