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Ofcom announces plans for next UK spectrum auction

Ofcom is planning for the next spectrum auction

The UK telecoms regulator has announced initial plans for the UK’s next spectrum auction for the 2.3GHz and 3.4GHz bands. Ofcom is asking bidders to provide input for proposals for the auction, expected to take place in late 2015 or early 2016.

Hungary generates €418 million through spectrum auction

Hungary is utilising previously unused spectrum for mobile broadband

Hungary has raised a total of HUF130.6 billion (€418 million) in a mobile spectrum auction in the 800, 900, 1,800 and 2,600 MHz frequency bands. The auction included the successful allocation of previously unallocated bands.

Auction format to blame for Tele2′s missed spectrum, says consultancy

Coleago has blamed the choice of auction format as the primary reason the Norwegian spectrum auction concluded as it did

Specialist consultancy Coleago has said that Tele2′s failure to win any spectrum in the latest Norwegian frequency auction—which has left the operator at a serious disadvantage in the market—is a direct result of the auction format.

Austrian spectrum auction comes under fire

Did Ciena win Nortel’s optical unit?

Industry consultants have attacked the recent Austrian LTE spectrum auction process, claiming that the outcome took too much money out of the market and threatens competition in the Austrian mobile sector. The fact that incumbent Telekom Austria was able to acquire half of all the spectrum made available could be particularly detrimental.

Telekom Austria wins big in spectrum auction, laments high price

Hannes Ametsreiter called the spectrum price a "bitter pill"

Telekom Austria has acquired half of all spectrum being made available in the market’s latest auction, spending €1.03bn in the process. The firm acquired four blocks of 800MHz spectrum, three blocks at 900MHz and seven blocks of 1800MHz spectrum, giving it a 2 x 140MHz allocation in total.

Australian spectrum auction “damaging to economy”


A consultancy firm specialising in planning national radio spectrum auctions has criticised Australia’s recent digital dividend spectrum for setting reserve prices too high.

Austria outlines 4G spectrum auction plans

The Telekom-Control Commission (TKK) will begin auctioning the country’s 800MHz, 900MHz and 1800MHz bands in September

Austrian regulator the Telekom-Control Commission (TKK) will begin auctioning the country’s 800MHz, 900MHz and 1800MHz spectrum bands in September 2013. A total of 28 frequency blocks of 2x5MHz will be on offer.

India warns of 2G auction delay; Telenor nears exit

Telenor closes in on its exit from India, while the government reveals more about the upcoming 2G spectrum auction

India’s Cabinet has approved a reduced reserve price for the country’s planned 2G spectrum auction, which will reallocate the licences that were cancelled in February this year. But telecoms minister Kapil Sibal has told the Supreme Court that the proposed August 31 deadline for the spectrum auction is still not likely to be met.

India’s ministers propose lower base price for 2G auction

India'sEGoM has proposed a lower reserve price for the 2G auction, but the GSMA still does not think it is low enough

A committee of senior ministers in India, known as the Empowered Group of Ministers (EGoM), has proposed a lower reserve price for the country’s 2G spectrum ahead of its auction, due to be held later this year. The reserve price for spectrum had been set by the Telecoms Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) at Rs 36.22bn ($687m) for every MHz of nationwide spectrum in the 1800MHz band, which translates to Rs180bn for a pan-India licence. The price is almost ten times the reserve price that was set in 2008 for the initial auction.

India sets guidelines for 2G reauction

India flag

India’s Department of Telecom (DoT) has announced guidelines for the reauction of its 2G spectrum, following the Supreme Court’s cancellation of the licences that were awarded in a 2008 spectrum sale, earlier this year.

India releases more spectrum ahead of auction, but is it enough?

India is holding its 2G auction again and its telecoms department has outlined new recommendations

India’s Department of Telecom (DoT) has approved plans to release more 1800MHz spectrum in each of the country’s circles ahead of the 2G re-auction, set to be held after all licences were revoked by the Supreme Court amid allegations of corruption.

India’s TRAI sets hefty price tag for 2G spectrum

Spectrum prices for India's 2G sale will be almost 10-times higher than 2008's prices

India’s telecoms regulator, the TRAI, has proposed hefty reserve prices for the 2G spectrum blocks, due to be auctioned for a second time, later this year.

Australia issues draft guidelines for digital dividend auction

ACMA will be holding a 'digital dividend' spectrum this year

Australia’s telecoms regulator, The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), has issued draft guidelines as it prepares to allocate spectrum for its ‘digital dividend auction’. The regulator is selling spectrum licences for blocks in the 700 MHz and 2.5 GHz bands in the biggest spectrum sale to be held in the country in a decade.

UK operators slam Ofcom’s proposals

UK operators have hit out at Ofcom's proposals to allow Everything Everywhere to begin offering LTE services before competitors

The UK’s mobile operators have hit out at Ofcom’s latest proposals to allow Everything Everywhere to use its existing 1800MHz spectrum to offer LTE services ahead of its competitors. Earlier this month, Ofcom accepted an application from Everything Everywhere, allowing it to use its existing spectrum, which would see the firm offering 4G mobile services in the UK by the end of 2012.

“We will do everything we can to stay in India,” says Telenor

Telenor wants to stay in India, despite having its 2G licences revoked

Nordic operator group Telenor has said that it will do what it can to keep Indian subsidiary Uninor operating in the country. Last week, the Supreme Court of India cancelled 122 telecoms licences that were awarded in a 2008 spectrum sale, citing corruption in the sales process of the licences.

Pakistan to hold spectrum auction in March 2012

Pakistan will hold its spectrum auction in 2012, the PTA has announced

Pakistan’s Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has announced plans to hold the country’s spectrum auction in March of this year. The body said that the licenses issued will be technology neutral and the auction winners will be able to deploy 3G or 4G-LTE technologies.

Everything Everywhere to divest spectrum ahead of 4G auction

Everything Everywhere is divesting a quarter of its 1800MHz spectrum

UK operator Everything Everywhere, the company formed by the merger of Orange and T-Mobile in the country, has revealed that talks are ongoing for plans to divest some of its 1800MHz spectrum ahead of Ofcom’s spectrum auction later this year.

What Ofcom’s new proposals mean for UK operators

Ofcom has proposed revised plans for the UK 4G auction scheduled for the end of the year

UK regulator Ofcom has announced revised plans to promote competition in the country ahead of the country’s 4G spectrum auction.

Ofcom extends rural obligation for UK 4G auction winner

Ofcom outlines new proposals to get 4G to rural areas

UK telecoms regulator Ofcom has outlined new proposals to extend 4G coverage to at least 98 per cent of the population.

Thailand to hold 3G auction late 2012

Thailand will auction 3G licences late-2012

Thailand is preparing to finally hold its 3G auction in late 2012. ¬The Thai telecoms regulator, the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC), will auction off the long-delayed 3G licenses next year.