Wireless data hogs may have to pay, suggests AT&T CEO

AT&T CEO Ralph de la Vega says heavy data users may have to suffer premium charges

AT&T CEO Ralph de la Vega has revealed that the US carrier may have to force its heaviest consumers of wireless data to scale back their usage through the introduction of tiered pricing.

Increasing mobile network capacity without the technology upgrade

Increasing mobile network capacity without the technology upgrade

As use of mobile internet devices such as smartphones and 3G dongles continues to grow, more mobile subscribers want to access high data volume internet applications such as video. This is leading to an unprecedented increase in traffic on the mobile networks.

A victim of its own success

Mobile broadband: A victim of its own success?

Global subscribers to mobile data services reached 186 million in 2008 largely thanks to the adoption of the iPhone and Android devices. But the impact has been on more than the top line as networks strive to reduce traffic and increase capacity.

Touchscreen handsets driving decline in UK spending

Consumer confusion is to blame for the decline in customer revenues

Touchscreen handsets are driving a decline in the value of the UK’s mobile market, according to research released this week.

Adobe brings Flash to mobile, but not iPhone

Flash - saviour of the mobile universe?

Software firm Adobe announced plans for a full fledged Flash player for mobile devices on Monday, although there is still no sign of a break in the deadlock between it and Apple.

RIM profits down in August quarter

RIM sold 8.3 million BlackBerrys during the quarter to the end of August

Canadian vendor of fruit flavoured handsets, Research In Motion (RIM) said that net income for the quarter to the end of August fell slightly to $475.6m from $495.5m in the same period 2008.

Apple, RIM poised to lead smartphone market

Apple, RIM poised to lead smartphone market

Smartphones are anticipated to be the next wave of computing, with Apple and Research In Motion (RIM) well positioned to lead the space going forward.

Nokia lead threatened by smartphone market growth

Nokia lead threatened by smartphone market growth

Second quarter 2009 handset market data from Gartner shows lead player Nokia coming under increasing pressure as the smartphone sector outperforms the market. Overall handset shipments were down 6.1 per cent year on year for Q209, at 286.1 million but smartphone sales increased by 27 per cent to reach almost 41 million.

Security experts warn over smartphone SMS bugs

The iPhone, Android and Windows are said to be at risk

At the Black Hat security conference taking place in Las Vegas this week, researchers claimed that smartphones including Apple’s iPhone, Google’s Android platform and Microsoft’s Windows Mobile were susceptible to SMS based attacks.

Customer centricity is the order of the day

The power of the pipe

Mobile data is finally coming of age following years of dependence on messaging to drive non-voice revenues.

HTC wants to be consumer Hero

The HTC Hero

Taiwanese handset vendor HTC has made the clearest indication yet that it sees its future as being a consumer brand as well as a supplier of white label or operator-specific handsets.

Smartphones sales buck credit crunch trend

Smartphones bucking the trend

Throughout 2009, smartphones are expected to buck the downward trend that has beset the rest of the handset market as the majority of consumers cut spending in the face of the global economic downturn.

Global handset sales down 8.6 per cent in first quarter

Handset shipments drop in Q109

Global mobile phone sales fell 8.6 per cent year on year to 269.1 million units in the first quarter of 2009, although sales of higher end devices were up.

Theatre of operations

Competing in the theatre of operations

The number of smartphone operating systems is on the increase. With a variety of business and development models, from end to end proprietary to true open source, there ought to be something for everybody. While the smartphone sector as a whole is growing, though, not all of the operating systems will enjoy the same levels of success.

Comsys has designs on WiMAX/GSM smartphones

WiMAX/GSM smartphones

Comsys, an Israel-headquartered supplier of integrated baseband chipset solutions, has announced the launch of its latest ComMAX reference design platform, the CM1125RD. Jointly developed with Signal Processing, it is billed as ‘an optimised multimode mobile WiMAX/GSM-EDGE smartphone reference design platform’.

Gadget makers to find refuge in smartphone sales

Smartphone sales set to boom

Despite the global slowdown in consumer spending, handset vendors are expected to reap the benefits of growth in the smartphone segment, with sales of high end handsets on an upward curve over the next five years.

Services over hardware

Services over hardware

Handset vendors need to get more involved with the services market and thrive, or stay hardware-focused and wither on the vine. The popularity of the Apple iPhone, despite the introductory price of $499 for the 4GB version in 2007, gave vendors a respite from the steady fall in average handset prices. Here, at last, was [...]

Smartphone is a hotbed of security issues

To date, the humble mobile handset has evaded the vast majority of security threats now commonplace among PC users. But every so often security experts issue a warning about the multitude of dangers mobile phones will be exposed to at various points in the future. This week, one such report was published by the Georgia [...]

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