Google picks up natural language search specialist

Natural language search can find more relevant information

A US-based start up that launched last year has been snapped up by Google for an estimated $30m as natural language search and summarisation captures the industry’s imagination.

RIM beds down with Microsoft for search

Microsoft is gaining traction in mobile search

Microsoft seems to be on a roll at the moment, this week adding Canadian Blackberry maker Research In Motion to its lengthening list of partners. The deal announced this week makes Microsoft’s Bing the default search engine and mapping tool on Blackberry handsets, but the appearance of Steve Ballmer alongside RIM CEO Mike Lazaridis at the Blackberry World conference in Orlando, set tongues wagging.

Google enhances search with Metaweb acquisition

Google enhances search with Metaweb acquisition

Late last week web giant Google improved its search capabilities with the acquisition of San Francisco-based Metaweb – an open database of ‘things’.

Apple buys mobile search firm

Apple buys mobile search firm Siri

Apple added another string to its bow this week with the acquisition of a mobile search service which pitches itself as a “virtual digital assistant”.

Facebook makes friends with FriendFeed

Facebook makes friends with FriendFeed

Competition is getting heated in the real time search space as monster social network Facebook snapped up FriendFeed for an undisclosed sum.

Microsoft, Yahoo team up for search and advertising

Microsoft, Yahoo combine search and advertising strengths

The long rumoured partnership between Microsoft and Yahoo has finally come to pass, but not as a merger. Instead, the two companies will combine their search and advertising experience to take on the might of Google.