Samsung partner accused of exploiting child labour

Samsung's flagship Android device, the Galaxy SIII

A US-based campaign group, China Labor Watch, has alleged that a key supplier to leading handset vendor Samsung is using child labour in its factory. HEG Electronics is described by CLW as “an important partner” to Samsung, working on the production of a range of consumer electronics products, including monbile phones and DVD players.

Android share surges as Apple loyalists delay upgrades

Samsung's flagship Android device, the Galaxy SIII

The Android smartphone OS has more than 65 per cent of the smartphone market across Europe’s big five countries, up from 42.7 per cent in July 2011, according to the latest data from Kantar WorldPanel ComTech. As the leading Android vendor, Korea’s Samsung has 45 per cent of the European smartphone market, Kantar said.

Japanese firms team up on smartphone chips

NTT Docomo, NEC and Fujitsu team up to develop LTE smartphone chipsets

Japanese handset makers NEC and Fujitsu have joined forces with the country’s market leading operator NTT Docomo to set up a joint venture to develop smartphone chips. The firms have collaborated closely in the past and had even attempted to launch a similar JV, with the participation of Samsung and Panasonic.

Operators perform well, Samsung in record breaking quarter, Facebook stumbles on debut

Several firms have posted their quarterly results for 2Q12

The industry’s big names are continuing to post their quarterly earnings this week, and American operators Sprint and America Movil, as well as Middle Eastern operator group Etisalat, shared somewhat encouraging results. Meanwhile, Samsung recorded its best ever profit for a quarter but Facebook had bad news in its first ever earnings statement.

UK court orders Apple to advertise that Samsung did not infringe patents

Not as cool

As the long-running patent war rages on between Apple and Samsung, a UK judge has ordered Apple to publish a notice on its website and in British newspapers stating that its Korean rival did not copy the iPad design for its tablets.

Samsung looks to cut out chipmakers with CSR acquisition

Samsung has acquired UK chipmaker CSR's handset business

Handset giant Samsung has acquired UK chipmaker CSR’s handset technology development business in a deal worth $310m. The acquisition is part of Samsung’s “complete platform strategy”, according to analysts, as the Korean vendor looks to cut its dependency on external silicon suppliers.

Microsoft debuts Windows Phone 8


Microsoft has unveiled its latest operating system for mobile handsets, Windows Phone 8. The announcement was made in the same week as the firm launched its Surface tablet device, which runs on the Windows 8 operating system for PCs and tablets.

Handset sales drop for first time in three years

Phone sales showed a decline for the first time since 2009

Global sales of mobile phones declined on a qurterly basis for the first time in nearly three years, according to research firm Gartner this week. The two per cent year-on-year drop between the first quarters of 2012 and 2011 marks the first time the market has weakened since the second quarter of 2009.

LTE Awards 2012 – Category 7 Preview: Best LTE RAN Product

The LTE Awards 2012 are taking place on May 23rd, at the El Xalet, Montjuic, Barcelona.

To whet your appetite for the event here is a preview of Category 7: Best LTE RAN Product.

This award recognises Radio Access Network elements that are exceptional in their area.

LTE Awards 2012 – Category 5 Preview: Most Significant Development for Commercial LTE Network by an Operator

The LTE Awards 2012 are taking place on May 23rd, at the El Xalet, Montjuic, Barcelona.

To whet your appetite for the event here is a preview of Category 5: Most Innovative LTE Commercial Launch.

Samsung Galaxy S III is taking innovation to another league but how big is its potential market?


Yesterday, Samsung introduced the third generation of its flagship smartphone brand, the Galaxy S III. The phone will be branded as the official 2012 Olympics phone. This device belongs to the super-phone category of smartphones which also includes HTC One X, the forthcoming iPhone 5 and LG Optimus 2X.

Samsung takes top spot in handset battle

Samsung claims top spot in the handset market

Korean vendor Samsung been crowned as the number one handset vendor, displacing Nokia after its 14-year reign.

Friends turn foes

Samsung and Google have enjoyed a successful relationship but are now set to battle it out in the mobile OS space

The relationship between Google and Samsung is looking increasingly strained, after recent announcements from the Korean vendor suggest that it is gradually stepping up to compete with its old American ally.

Tim Cook and Choi Gee-sung to thrash out patent dispute

Apple and Samsung's CEOs will hold talks to end their ongoing patent disputes

The CEOs of Apple and Samsung, Tim Cook and Choi Gee-sung, have agreed to hold settlement talks to try to resolve a patent lawsuit over smartphone and tablet technology, according to a court filing. Meanwhile, Twitter has announced that it will begin a policy of not using patents as a tool to impede the innovation of others.

Samsung takes on Google with ad platform

Samsung is launching its own ad network to rival Google's AdMob

Korean handset vendor Samsung has launched its own mobile advertising exchange, to rival those set up by Google and Apple, as well as plays from several mobile operators. Samsung AdHub Market lets companies buy advertising space on mobile devices from either app developers or Samsung directly.

Samsung to invest $7bn in chip factory in China

A variety of chips will be made available for Microsoft Windows 8

Samsung to invest $7bn on chip factory in China. The company will invest $2.3bn initially in the Xi’an plant, Suwon, and will start producing NAND flash chips next year.

Gartner: smartphone sales up 58 per cent in 2011


Gartner has published its mobile device numbers for the final quarter of 2011, reporting that 1.8 billion units were sold to end users across the year, up 11.1 per cent on 2010. Smartphones accounted for 31 per cent of all device sales with 472 million units sold, up 58 per cent year on year.

It’s War: KT cuts off Samsung’s OTT content

Samsung is seeking a ban on the import of Apple products into the US

Somewhat ironically I had only just returned home from the Content Delivery Networks Asia 2012 conference in Hong Kong – where telco CDN’s were touted as the solution to the great telco versus OTT battle – when I read that Korean market giant KT had decided to cut off access for OTT content for Samsung’s connected TV’s using its broadband network.

Samsung teams up with Corning for OLED displays

Samsung has signed an agreement with specialty glass and ceramics manufacturer Corning to establish a new venture for the organic light emitting diode (OLED) device market. Based in Korean, the newly formed entity will supply OLED backplane glass substrates for Samsung Mobile Display, as well as for the broader Korean market.

Legal disputes hit financial performance

AT&T, Samsung and Motorola Mobility all saw their bottom lines suffer due to legal battles

Telecoms firms reported mixed fortunes in their fourth quarter earnings results, with Samsung having reason to celebrate, Motorola Mobility reporting an average quarter and AT&T taking a huge hit.