Google’s Eric Schmidt wants “an Android in every pocket”

Eric Schmidt wants to put a Android phone in your pocket. Though not personally and not for free

Google’s chairman Eric Schmidt has said that there will be an Android device in every pocket if the search and advertising company “gets it right”. Delivering a keynote speech at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Schmidt said that this would be accomplished through significant cost reductions, as this year’s US$400 phone would be next year’s US$100 phone. The aim he said was a US$70 smartphone as this was an inflection point where a new market of opportunity arose.

Java creator quits Google, develops robot comms

Gosling will develop communication technologies for seafaring robots

James Gosling, the creator of the Java programming language, has quit Google after only five months at the firm, and has joined a startup that uses wireless communication technologies for data harvesting.

The robots are coming!

Next week, robots and people will flock to the UK’s De Montfort University in Leicester for the thirty-sixth annual convention for the Study of Artificial Intelligence and Simulation of Behaviour (AISB 2010). Alas, the Informer won’t be going, but he thinks it sounds like a fascinating programme, with more than a touch of science fiction about it, aiming to discuss innovations that people will think of as commonplace in 50 years time.