Motorola in $200m bid for Psion

Ruggedized connected devices are aimed at businesses, such as construction firms or for in-taxi connectivity

Motorola Solutions has made a bid to acquire ruggedized mobile device manufacturer Psion for approximately £128m ($200m). The firm, which is the business remaining after Google acquired its handset business, Motorola Mobility, said it wanted to acquire Psion to strengthen its mobile-computing portfolio with ruggedized handheld products and vehicle-mount terminals.

A sheep on a unicycle

Symbian, one of the oldest of old school mobile institutions, has seen some changes of late. There’s an open source bandwagon rolling through the industry and Symbian’s on it along with Google, the Open Handset Alliance, LiMo and the many other flavours of Linux. But Symbian’s taken the whole open source thing to [its big yellow] heart, shifting from a for-profit venture to a not-for-profit organisation, along with a whole new touchy-feely brand.

Psion boss: your country needs geeks

Sir David Potter, founder of iconic British gadget maker Psion, warned this week that the UK can’t rely on the financial services business to cover its import bills forever. Potter called for the government to formulate a strategy to boost engineering and manufacturing industry, pointing to the numbers of scientists and engineers being hired by [...]