O2 tops UK mobile broadband performance study

The O2 arena in London

UK mobile broadband users accessing the web over dongles and datacards are getting average throughput of 1.5Mbit/s, according to research released Thursday by UK regulator Ofcom. But there were significant differences between the five carriers’ performance, with O2 delivering the best performance, and Orange the worst. 3UK outperformed T-Mobile, with which it shares a 3G network.

TeliaSonera LTE network “significantly better than 3G” early testing reveals

The UK government has announced plans to release public-service-held spectrum

Early testing on TeliSonera’s LTE network in Finland saw maximum download speeds hitting 48Mbps with an average of 36.1Mbps. This compared with average 3G speeds of 4.1Mbps. Meanwhile LTE network latency averaged 23ms, some five times faster than the average 3G latency of 117ms.