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CEO, P1 networks, Malaysia: “Once speed is there more innovation will come”

Michael Lai, CEO of Packet One Networks, Malaysia

Michael Lai, CEO OF Malaysian operator Packet One is delivering the opening day keynote on Day One of the inaugural TD-LTE summit, taking place on the 23rd-24th April 2013 at the Fairmont Singapore Hotel, Singapore. Ahead of the show we speak to him about the challenges the company faces during its on-going transition from WiMAX to LTE.

Dual-mode LTE/WiMAX devices on the way

Sequans is partnering with with Malaysian operator P1 and networking provider Greenpacket to develop dual-mode LTE/Wimax devices

Sequans, the 4G chipset maker, is working with Malaysian operator Packet One and networking provider Greenpacket to develop reference designs for dual-mode LTE/Wimax devices. The intention is to create a complete eco-system of 4G networking solutions and devices by the end of 2011.

TD-LTE and the Lai of the land


LTE has been hailed by the Global Mobile Suppliers Association (GSA) as the fastest growing mobile network technology ever, outstripping all previous standards in terms of the pace of deployment. But while LTE is a global standard, there are variations in how it is being deployed around the world. Chief among these variations is the choice, depending on spectrum allocations, between Frequency Division Duplexing (FDD) and Time Division Duplexing (TDD).

Malaysian WiMAX operator P1 to go LTE

Packet One will launch TD-LTE in addition to its WiMAX network

Malaysian operator PacketOne (P1) has announced its intention to migrate to TD-LTE towards the end of 2012. The operator, which launched in 2008 is better known for its WiMAX rollouts and currently has over 280,000 subscribers on that service. Malaysia continues to be something of a happy hunting ground for WiMAX technology, with YTL Communications and REDtone among the other operators in that country using it.

Your number’s up

It sounds like the plot of one of those eerie Japanese horror films that seem to always spawn inferior US remakes: Bulgarian mobile operator Mobiltel, part of Telekom Austria, has discontinued the phone number 0888 888 888 after the three people to whom the number was allocated have all died early or violent deaths.

WiMAX volumes may finally be coming

The WiMAX industry continues to suffer from delays and a lack of scale, but can now point to signs that volumes may finally be on the way due a growing number of significant deployments by operators such as Packet One in Malaysia, Yota and Comstar in Russia, Cleawire and its MVNO Time Warner Cable in the US, and UQ Communications in Japan.

Packet One outlines ZTE deal

Packet One outlines ZTE deal

Malaysian WiMAX operator Packet One Networks (P1) has fleshed out the terms of its agreement with ZTE, which it alluded to last week.

Packet One looks to ZTE

Packet One looks to ZTE

Malaysian operator Packet One Networks (P1) says it is entering into a WiMAX technology partnership with Chinese vendor ZTE. The partnership, which will be formalised next week, is reportedly part of P1′s efforts to accelerate expansion of its WiMAX network.