Rethinking backhaul


Any modern communications network is a complex architectural arrangement. By 2013 it’s likely that a mobile network operator will have 2G, 3G and LTE operations running in parallel, with support infrastructure such as backhaul that has been updated and augmented over the years. As networks mature, they also evolve—the trend right now is to alleviate RAN congestion with smaller cells, increasing network density but also putting extra burden on the backhaul infrastructure. In order to keep pace, backhaul implementations also need to evolve.

Sharpening the edges

Many operators are pushing core capabilities out to the network edge

Global internet traffic will grow by a volume of almost 50 per cent each year between now and 2015, according to Informa Telecoms & Media. This appetite for consumption will be whetted by online storage, peer to peer traffic and video consumption in the mobile space. The trick now is keeping the data deluge away from the core.