Oracle launches new products targeted at CSPs

Oracle brings more CSP solutions to market

Oracle’s Communications division has announced a new release of applications aimed at Communications Service Providers (CSPs). The launches, announced at the annual Oracle OpenWorld event, include a new edition of the software giant’s Operations Support Systems (OSS) application family.

Oracle acquires TOA Technologies for Field Service SaaS

Oracle is focusing on the field

Database giant Oracle announced it has agreed to acquire TOA Technologies, a provider of cloud-based solutions for field service management. Oracle said it intends to fold the technology into its service cloud offering.

BlackBerry taps cloud startup head as next COO

Marty Beard, chief operating officer at BlackBerry

BlackBerry has announced the appointment of Marty Beard as chief operating officer, who joins the struggling devices and software manufacturer from LiveOps, a provider of cloud-based customer service solutions.

Making the most of the core: Oracle


Doug Suriano, CTO of Tekelec, part of Oracle Communications, talks to at MWC2014 about innovative data plans operators can offer to customers.

Telstra rapped for leaking 16,000 customers’ details

Telstra has been penalised by the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) and telecoms regulator the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) for breaching privacy laws

Australian operator Telstra has been penalised by the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) and telecoms regulator the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) for breaching privacy laws.

Operators can monetise OTT through cloud hosting strategies

Gordon Rawling, director of EMEA  marketing, Oracle Communications

In response to the success of OTT providers, some CSPs have pegged these developers as “parasites” that feed off their networks and offer nothing in return. While it seems they have already lost the battle, however, service providers do have options that will help them adapt and find success in the OTT era, particularly by capitalising on their Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud hosting solutions.

LTE Diameter signalling to double mobile data growth rate

Global broadband revenues to continue rising

LTE Diameter signalling traffic will grow at more than twice the rate of mobile data traffic until 2017, according to software vendor Oracle.

Google accused of anti-competitive Android practices in Europe

Google’s “predatory distribution of Android” at below-cost makes it difficult for other OS providers to compete, said Fairsearch

A pressure group with members including Microsoft, Oracle and Nokia has filed a complaint with the European Commission claiming that Google has used anti-competitive practices to dominate the mobile space. Fairsearch claimed that Google has unfairly cemented its control over consumers’ mobile internet experience and in online advertising for mobile.

Oracle’s big appetite in mobile

Oracle has a big appetite for mobile

Before the dust settled on its previous acquisition (Acme Packet for $2.1b), Oracle announced it is acquiring North American vendor Tekelec. Oracle started in database systems and is a leading player in this field – even in mobile, it is now growing its infrastructure reach and will surely expand its business in mobile networks.

Oracle targets Tekelec in acquisition spree

The IT and telco worlds are merging

Continuing its telco-centric spending spree, US IT solutions provider Oracle announced on Monday its intention to acquire network signalling and policy control specialist Tekelec.

MWC: Size isn’t everything

Consumers complained that they were not warned about possible price rises

OSS/BSS vendors both large and not so large used the opportunity afforded by the 2013 Mobile World Congress to make some very strategic announcements. The majority of these announcements reflected very closely what is about to happen in the sector as demand for greater complexity rises with the roll-out of LTE and the need for a solution to the seemingly eternal problem of software interfacing grows ever more pressing.

Year of the water snake


At midnight tonight the world’s biggest party will kick off, as more than one billion Chinese people take to the streets to celebrate the Chinese New Year. 2013 is the year of the water snake which is a totem that symbolises wisdom. It’s also the year that tapped into the industry’s wisdom for its first annual industry survey and gathered almost 2,000 responses.

What was striking about the results is just how much the responses from operator personnel (600 individuals from 260 separate opcos) matched those of their peers across the wider industry, even when looking at contentious issues like roaming and regulation. Does this mean the industry has aligned in the face of threat from external players? After all, the snake is an adaptable creature renowned for its ability to sneak into other environments.

Changing times: Oracle, Cisco move deeper into telco sector

du is seeking convergence

If a clear indication was needed that IT and networking firms are looking to extend their reach beyond mere IP specialisation and get deeper into the telco vertical, it came this week when Acme Packet said it had agreed to be acquired by Oracle.

Acme Packet snapped up by Oracle

Telco network session delivery specialist Acme Packet said Monday that it has agreed to be acquired by software giant Oracle.

OTT Services – A Blessing in Disguise?

FonYou is pitching a defence against OTT players

In 2011, communication service providers (CSPs) lost €10.4 billion in text messaging revenues, according to Ovum. This, Ovum argues, was down to the increasing popularity of over the top (OTT) social messaging services, such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Given that €6.5 billion was lost in revenue for the same reason in 2010, CSPs find themselves under increasing pressure from OTT providers who are offering competing services at cheaper prices.

HP, Oracle open app store warehouses

HP and Oracle are helping operators to open their own app stores

Software and middleware vendors HP and Oracle have been all over the app store bandwagon this week, both unveiling platforms designed to help service providers and operators get their own app store initiatives underway.

US DoJ reportedly concerned about Nortel patent bids

The US DoJ is reportedly concered that bids for Nortel patents will be used to reduce competition in the telecoms market

As interest in defunct kit maker Nortel’s patent portfolio heightens, the US Department of Justice (DoJ) is reported to be taking a close interest in the bidders. Apple is the latest company reported to be interested in making a purchase after Google opened bidding with a $900m offer in April. Now the DoJ is said to be concerned that the patents will be used to stymie competition in the telecoms sector.

Life on quality street

Ericsson aims to create a global ecosystem that make sending money person to person as simple as sending an SMS

What’s been interesting about this year’s TM Forum Management World event is the palpable buzz that, far from doom-and-gloom for the carriers, what we’re actually sitting in is the eye of a storm of opportunity, if only carriers shake off their reputation for being built for love rather than speed and start injecting a little agility into their processes.

Same script, different day

We’ve had Moore’s Law and Metcalfe’s Law, now the technology world is doing its bit for re-jigging Newton’s third law of motion: for every legal action, there is an equal and opposite lawsuit.

RODOD Solution Overview

Most communications service providers’ services are growing in terms of complexity and sheer number, and they need to deliver these services through multiple-channels (e.g. customer care, Web, kiosk, sales force, retail store). Whether they are triple-play, quad-play, mobility, or greenfield service providers, they must develop a strong product launch and order management environment to improve the customer experience while managing the operational costs of designing, launching, and delivering complex new products and services.