Opera turns optimisation techniques onto audio

Opera Mini tops 25 mil. downloads

Opera Software’s Skyfire optimisation unit, which the company purchased in 2013, has added streaming audio optimisation to Rocket Optimizer, its NFV-ready video and data optimisation platform for mobile operators.

Teoco buys up Aircom

Teoco is acquiring Aircom

Assurance, analytics and optimisation firm Teoco has acquired rival Aircom International for an undisclosed sum.

Amdocs buys Actix in $120m deal

Amdocs has acquired Actix

OSS/BSS firm Amdocs, which now positions itself as a customer experience specialist, on Wednesday announced the acquisition of network management firm Actix for $120m in cash.

CCOO, Celcom Axiata Berhad: “LTE will challenge traditional backhaul assumptions”

Suresh Sidhu, chief corporate and operating officer at Celcom Axiata Berhad

Suresh Sidhu, chief corporate and operating officer at Celcom Axiata Berhad, Malaysia, is taking part in the ‘Quiz the CxO’ segment on Day Two of the LTE World Summit, the premier 4G event for the telecoms industry, taking place on the 24th-26th June 2013, at the Amsterdam RAI, Netherlands. Ahead of the show we find out more about Sidhu’s views on how networks can best be optimised for LTE and where RCS/VoLTE fit into the operator picture.

Traffic police

The traffic problem for many operators has already arrived—or will do very soon

Many operators are investigating models that allow them to better manage the data deluge, and many eyes have fallen upon next generation technologies. But with so much legacy infrastructure still in use, congestion will remain a key issue for some time.

Sandvine and Acision partner for business intelligence

Sandvine and Acision have struck a global partnership, offering carriers tools for detailed traffic insight alongside traffic flow control, subscriber control, service creation and intelligent content optimisation.

Opera opens Icelandic data centre

November 1 marked the first day of operation at Opera’s Icelandic data centre, known as Thor

Norwegian software firm Opera, which develops the world’s most popular mobile browser, has opened a datacentre in Iceland to help it compress and manage all the web traffic from its millions of users.

Why optimisation matters

The mobile data boom has caused a traffic jam

Dr. Constantine Polychronopoulos, founder and chief technology officer of mobile internet infrastructure specialist Bytemobile talks about the extent of the problem caused by the mobile data boom and the solutions available to operators.

Tight squeeze

The data boom has caused a traffic jam

The surge in mobile data and broadband traffic in advanced markets over the last couple of years is something of a double-edged sword. While it has finally validated carriers’ long-held strategic thinking, it has exposed gaps in their network performance.

Optimisation to breathe new life into 3G networks

Optimisation to breathe new life into 3G networks

Mobile broadband is fast becoming the key revenue driver for operators, yet key players are providing a sluggish user experience based on webpage size and download performance.